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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Metformin g.i. effects seem to be better

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My g.i. tract seems to have adjusted again to the metformin. This is good news. I think I will stick to 500mg e.r. twice a day for 2 months instead of going up right away.  My bowels need a break! Hah!

Now we will see how well it controls my b.g. in my resistance week.  I need to up night time basals for sure. Hence my post before this one....yikes! 

Why are these X2 pumps so glitchy?

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These x2 pumps sure are glitchy little machines. This is my third x2 and now it just glitched out too.  Ignore the horrible graph, I had a bad night.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I am still fighting Metformin G.I. side effects

I am still trying the Metformin and still having bouts of g.i. issues.  I think I have been on twice daily 500mg dose for 2 weeks. Whew I think I'm past the g.i. effects and then BAM 430 A.M. my bowels are attempting to see how hard they can cramp before I die.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Got my third replacement tandem x2 insulin pump.

I just got my third replacement tandem x2 pump in the mail the other day.  I still have to do the tedious work of  copying down settings into the new one.

My first x2 could not get and keep Dexcom signal.  Now the 2nd one keeps freaking out and saying I have an invalid transmitter id. 

Still using my legs for pumps site with success

So I am using the areas all around my knees for insulin pump infusion sites.  They are working with varying success.  Some places hurt like heck or get in the way constantly.  Inside the knee area doesnt work well for side sleeping or leg crossing and I do both.