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Friday, June 20, 2014

Bayer Contour Choice Program----YOUR SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!

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So AGAIN this month my Bayer Contour Choice program card is NOT WORKING!


So my Walgreen's Pharmacy, who should be considered saints, called these jack wagons AGAIN and asked them WTF is going on?  My card is good until 12/31/2015 so why is it not working?  They told her that SOMETIMES they just cancel cards and dont tell anyone or give explanations?!

2014 Walk to Cure Diabetes fundraising total!

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The results are in and Team Schuler Motors has raised $3,030.00 this year for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!   

Thank you so very much to those who donated and those who walked on our team this year!  I appreciate all of your hard work and every dollar you spared to help fund a cure and better treatments for Type 1 Diabetes.

Friday, June 6, 2014

If I could only remember to change profiles

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I  LOVE LOVE the ability to create different profiles in my t:slim insulin pump but I hate the fact that I CANNOT remember to switch back!
I have a profile called yardwork, yes yardwork and the basal is at the lowest possible setting .1 units and I use this profile for when I am in fact doing yard work and when I am outside at work taking pictures of cars. It may seem trivial but getting in and out of cars really does make me go low. Its a bit crazy in fact.
So I was smart today and set my profile to yard work because I was going low. I only had to eat fruit strip thing. I said to myself I will not forget to change my profile back to normal.
I got done taking pics and bg was great. Left to go to my orthodontist appt and I went low again. Jeesh. Still forgetting about that profile.
So then jump ahead a few hours, I eat lunch, bolus for it and then an hour later Im 325! Wth? Take a correction. An hour later still high!?
Now Im thinking something is seriously wrong! Then it dawns on me! Ahhhh I never changed profiles. Crrrrap!
So I way override my correction and not until several hours do I crash. I saw on my Dexcom I was going low but not at the rate I was really going. Yep all the way down to 41. Awesome sauce. Yep I turned into an angry monster whos brain felt like it was going to die if I didnt eat. I did ok until we went to eat with my in laws and I ate a ton of carbs. Two white bread rolls, french fries and half a tuna crossant. I try to never eat french fries or white rolls because they destroy my blood sugar. Somehow though my bg is 121 right now. Hmmm.....
Check out that horrible roller coaster dexcom picture. I sure wish I could find the exit to this ride.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


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Attention: ACCU-CHEK® FastClix lancing device user
Potential Issue with ACCU-CHEK FastClix Lancing Devices for Use with ACCU-CHEK Aviva Plus Meters — Needles May Retract with Delay or Not Fully Retract After Use

Read about it here: 

New Medtronic Device Combines CGM Sensor & Insulin Infusion Site

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Medtronic announced its launch of the Minimed Duo on Tuesday, after getting CE Mark approval for European sale early this week.

"Medtronic is leading the charge on new diabetes devices again, with a first-of-its-kind combo device launched in Europe that brings a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor and insulin infusion set together into a single device with combined insertion capability!"

Read about the information here on Diabetes Mine: 

For me personally I am not sure if I like the idea of changing my sensor out every three days.  It doesnt seem very cost effective considering I can get two weeks out of one Dexcom Sensor?......  Im more into waiting (ever so impatiently) on a dual chambered pump and can also bring up my BG without my intervention (the closed loop artificial pancreas project).   That system cannot get here fast enough.