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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

So I made the switch to G6 Dexcom

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I had been planning on staying with the G5 Dexcom set up but after Tandem announced that the PLGS software was only going to be with G6 I decided to make the upgrade as my transmitter was due to croak in less than a month.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

A fellow T1D WARRIOR needs a kidney

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Invalid transmitter I.D. alert, I hate you.


Oh my lord I finally had to do a shut down and restart on my tandem x2 pump because last night at 2am it decided to start beeping its beeping head off saying invalid transmitter I.D. AGAIN!  So now I'm running my x2 with no Dexcom data on it. My Dexcom G6 setup is due to arrive tomorrow anyway.  l'll just ride the no dex data on my pump until the software update comes out in less than a month (hopefully).  Man oh man, gotta love this stupid invalid transmitter I.D. issue.  Being awake from 2-230 fixing my flipping pump was not the highlight of my night, especially after the nearly 2 year old had a major flip out session at bed time.