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Friday, November 9, 2018

How to restart a G6 sensor after your sensor has ended with your phone and x2 pump.

If you ran out of time to do a restart on your G6 sensor and Tslim X2 pump this is what you need to do.

1. Take your pump off and put it out of blue tooth range, at least 20 feet away (your garage, basement, other side of your house, neighbors house, barn, somewhere far away).

2. Open your Dexcom app on your phone.  Have your sensor code handy if you do not want to have to calibrate your sensor.  If you lost it you will have to calibrate every 12 hours.

3. Touch new sensor, enter your sensor code (if you have it), then press start sensor.

4. Watch for the blue circle to open on your screen and for the countdown timer to start.

5. After the blue circle countdown starts go to your blue tooth on your phone and SHUT IT OFF and LEAVE IT OFF.

5.  Set a timer somewhere for 2 hours 10 minutes.

6.  Go back into your Dexcom app on your phone and click settings.  Be sure it is reflecting the time you started your sensor in the insertion time field.

7.  Wait about 5 more minutes and then go get your pump and hook back up, DO NOT DO ANYTHING with your pump as far as restarting, just let it hang out saying you need a new sensor.  It should still be showing that you need a new sensor or if its been long enough since your sensor ended (12 hours I believe) the cgm portion of your x2 might have shut off and it went back to the old 3 circle unlock screen and its gone from your pump.  DON'T worry this is fixable! 

8. If you're pump is now reflecting the start up countdown you did not have it out of range and you have now gone into a realm of I have no idea what to do other than do a pump shut down to get it off your pump as it will screw up your restart.  Plug it into the charger and hold the top button until it shuts down, then unplug it and plug it back in. Hold top button until it turns on and then you'll have to either do a real cartridge change or a fake one and waste 10u of insulin.  You have to have enough insulin left to begin with also, I think it 150u remaining or it will make you add more.  DO ALL OF THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

9. After your 2 hour and 10 minute alarm has gone off, take your pump off again and put it out of range.  WAIT 10 MORE MINUTES.

10. TURN BLUE TOOTH BACK ON.  Go into your Dexcom App and it should say it is trying to find the signal and that it may take 30 minutes.  It should not take that long.  Then you will see the blue circle pop back up again for the timer.  Timer should go to to 5 minutes remaining.

11.  Then your blood sugars should appear on your phone and it will tell you set up is complete or something to that affect.

12. AFTER BG's are on your phone go get your pump and put it back on your body.

13.  Your pump should join the sensor session on your phone all by itself with no button pressing from you.

14.  IF you had to do the pump shutdown mentioned in step 8 you will go my cgm, start sensor and then do the no code option and then it should sync up to the session on your phone.

I hope this has helped and please feel free to join my group on Facebook dedicated to helping people restart.  You must answer the three questions to gain approval to join the group! Its to keep spammers out! 

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