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Monday, August 5, 2019

Restart your G6 sensor with an android phone and X2 pump

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This is how I successfully restart my g6 sensors with my ANDROID PHONE and X2 INSULIN PUMP.  I cannot tell you how to do it with an iphone or with just the insulin pump or with just a phone. Do this BEFORE your sensor session runs out, do it as many days or hours in advance as it works for you just do it with at least 6 hours left. I have not gotten any of the newer transmitters so when I get one I will let you know how it goes. I am still on an 80XXXX transmitter.

1. Phone and pump alarmed for 6 hours left on the sensor, or do it sooner if you choose.

2.Get your sensor code from where ever you have kept it for later reference.  I use my X2 pump to find my sensor code in the CGM history>Sessions and Calibrations>Select your last one you started as new to find your code.  With a truly brand new sensor I start them on my phone and X2 because the X2 will save your code in its history. 

3. Turn phone side ways/landscape view of the graph to wait for a brand new b.g. reading to appear. If you hold finger on current dot/bg reading it will tell you the time it received the reading.

4. Then I wait one minute to be sure the data has stopped communicating from my transmitter.

5. Press stop sensor on phone ONLY! Do not do anything to the X2 pump. It will just join the new session all on its own later on.

6. Still on your phone press new sensor, enter code, press start.

7. Watch for blue circle start up graph to appear then quickly shut off blue tooth and leave it OFF. You MUST do this in the time frame between when your transmitter is NOT giving data to your phone and pump so do this quickly.  If you mess this up the sensor session on your pump will stop because your phone app told the transmitter you hit stop sensor, the transmitter talks to the phone and pump which it what keeps your phone app and pump or receiver synced. So move through these steps quickly!

8. Then go into the G6 app settings and be sure it shows your insertion time.  If it doesn't show anything you shut your blue tooth off too quickly.  Turn blue tooth back on and wait for the blue countdown circle to show up again on your phone screen.  Then check settings on your G6 app on your phone and see if it now shows insertion time.  Then shut blue tooth off again.  Be sure to keep doing these steps as quickly as you can. 

8. Set timer on phone for 2 hrs 5 minutes or somewhere to keep track of the time.

9. Enjoy still seeing your blood sugars on your X2 pump since it has no idea you restarted.

10. Timer goes off on your phone after the 2 hours and 5 minutes.  Take the X2 pump off your body and out of range before you turn blue tooth back on.  This is a step I do as a precaution because a couple of times somehow my pump glitched my restart and it told my phone I did a restart.   NO idea how or why.

11. Turn on blue tooth on your phone.

12. Open Dexcom app on your phone and  watch it say it has lost signal, once it gets signal again it will go to a 5 min remaining timer.

13. Then your bg readings should reappear on your Dexcom G6 app on your phone and it should say set up complete.

14. Go get your X2 pump that you placed out of range and put it back on. The pump will join the new session and aligns with what your phone says for the current sensor session. In cgm history it will say session joined.

15. Tada! I hope that helps!

These steps are all of course when you still have time left on your current session and will NOT expire while in the 2 hr start up time frame.  For these instructions to work you have to do it far enough in advance. 

If you let your sensor expire it gets a lot more difficult and a lot of times I have to try 2-3 times to get it to start.  Most of the time I make sure everything has stopped or I hit stop, I pop the transmitter out, wait 15 minutes and then put it in like its a new sensor.  That usually works for me but not always.  I cannot get the 15 min stop start thing to work for me, I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I prefer to keep my bg readings during the 2 hour warm up period.  I find my method very simple but I have done it so many times that it is no big deal.

If you use just your Android phone you can just do the same instructions just ignore the parts about the pump, just keep your sensor code somewhere to reuse each time as you cannot look it up on the dexcom app.

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