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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tandem updated the tclip finally!!!

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I finally had to order a new tclip for my x2 pump because it fell and broke.  I called tandem and I ordered a new one and grudgingly paid shipping.  It took much longer than I expected to get to my house but it arrived today.  Much to my surprise they updated it! Finally!

They made the top button easier to push and put a rubber gripper on the metal clip part so it stays on better. 

Here are some pics. The blue clip is the old style/was my backup.

The old style top button

The new style top button

Monday, August 5, 2019

No low blood sugar

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So I usually hand wash my vehicle in the Summer since its nice outside and we live in the country.  Today I decided since it was going to be really hot that it would be a good day to wash and maybe buff out some scratches on my Jeep with compound (former car detailer of 5 years here).

Restart your G6 sensor with an android phone and X2 pump

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#Diabetes #Dexcom #TandemDiabetes #Type1Diabetes #dsma

This is how I successfully restart my g6 sensors with my ANDROID PHONE and X2 INSULIN PUMP.  I cannot tell you how to do it with an iphone or with just the insulin pump or with just a phone. Do this BEFORE your sensor session runs out, do it as many days or hours in advance as it works for you just do it with at least 6 hours left. I have not gotten any of the newer transmitters so when I get one I will let you know how it goes. I am still on an 80XXXX transmitter.