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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tell your senators that Medicare needs to cover CGMs

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Urge Your Senators to Co-sponsor S. 2689 to Ensure Seniors with Diabetes have Access to Continuous Glucose Monitors

Check out @JDRFAdvocacy's Tweet:

Changing profiles on my t:slim and the reason it sucks.

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I LOVE the fact that you can change profiles so easily on the t:slim and copy one, rename it and tweak it.

If ONLY my brain would remember that after I change a profile to CHANGE IT BACK!  Oye vey I changed my profile the other day when I was outside chasing my 18 month old child around because I just could not keep my bg up.  So I changed it to my "yard work" profile which is the lowest basal setting possible (0.1) for 24 hours. YEAH that is soooooooooo not enough insulin for normal activity.  My bg just kept creeping up and up and I was like man what is wrong so I just kept correcting.  Im a dingbat, totally forgot I changed profiles. From now on I am just going to run temp basals when doing anything physical or stop insulin all together because at least then it keeps beeping at me.

Monday, July 28, 2014

One of the cons of my tslim insulin pump

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Day not even four for this cartridge.  :-( The insulin has decided it wanted to go bad this morning.  I was like what in the WORLD is going on, I kept correcting and no results. Yep I feel like garbage with a headache.  I guess after being outside most of the weekend and one really warm and humid afternoon/evening on Saturday, I just cooked my insulin.  This NEVER happened with my Medtronic pump.  In fact I could use insulin in the same cartridge for over 7 days.  With the tslim, in my experience, my insulin will not go past four days.  I am on Humalog but I wonder if switching to Novolog would help me stretch it out more.  With this pump I am almost never changing my site and insulin at the same time.  Has anyone out there had good luck with Novolog in a tslim going past 4 days?  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Will you be at the TCOYD Conference in Des Moines, IA on Sept 27th, 2014?

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How many of you have heard of the TCOYD website and conferences?  If you were like me, you may have not heard of it before now.

Check it out!

View the Brochure here:

Kerri Sparling will be there, speaking at some of the meetings and hopefully I will get a chance to meet her! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Painful insulin pump infusion sets

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Just a random thought. When I have a painful insulin pump infusion set site it has this way of putting me in a really bad mood. Is it because its a constant physical pain of being Diabetic? I mean being Diabetic doesnt really "hurt" per say most of the time. It can and does make you feel like crap sometimes but I guess having this stupid plastic cannula in my body all the time does leave a pretty good chance of it hurting sometimes. Today my infusion site is killing me, like a stabbing burning pain in my side/hip area I have it in. Its been hurting since I put it in the other day but yet due to the extreme cost of pumping I am torturing myself with this pain and changing it out is kind of like letting Diabetes win. So I think I will give in today and change it when I go let my dogs out. I hear so many other pumpers say they never have infusion set pain and I guess they are more "lucky" than I am in that area. I just dont understand how their infusion sets never hurt?  Do any of you out there have painful sets at times? Anyone else just leave it in and deal with the pain because you dont want to give in? Maybe Im just crazy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Yeah I just joined tumblr.

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So I finally joined tumblr.  Better late than never right?

This right here is the reason I help raise money for JDRF.

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Tom Brobson, JDRF's national director of research investment opportunities recently took part in the University of Virginia's Artificial Pancreas project which is also funded by JDRF.

This is why I ask so many of you, my family and friends to donate to our team every year to help fund things like this.  Some day I and millions of others can live a more normal life with Diabetes with LESS fear of complications, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, count carbs, etc etc. Its not a cure but its pretty damn close to being cured while wearing a pump and glucose sensor until a real cure can be found. 

Please take a moment to read the article at the link below, for me, my brothers, my family members, my friends, you, your friends, and your family members with Diabetes.

This year our team raised over $3,000 for JDRF!  If you feel so inclined to donate yourself to my team, you can do so here:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

CGM in the Cloud, sharing Kerri's blog post

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I dont know if I was vacationing on Mars or what the heck but I did not know that some very intelligent people had figured out a way to send Dexcom data to the cloud and make it viewable to someone else with internet access.  Seriously I am not sure why I didn't know this.  I just joined the Facebook group: So I have not yet checked things out. 

Here is Kerri's blog post:

If you are Diabetic or the parent, grandparent, spouse of a person with Diabetes and they are on the Dexcom G4 this is most definitely worth reading, I would call it a must read.