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Medication Assistance Programs

Test Strip Discount Programs


If your insurance has limited the number of test strips you can use a month and you need more read this article to learn how to get your doctor to help you get more:

If you know of more please tell me and I will add them here!

Free Insulin Programs

It seems like not many people know about these programs to help the uninsured get their insulin.  You have to meet income guidelines but I wanted to be sure you all know about them!

Free Humalog:

Lilly Savings card:

Lantus discount card:

Free Novolog & Levemir:

Novolog savings card:

No-Copay Savings card for Apidra: 

A website to look up all help for medication:

Partnership for Prescription Asisstance:

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  1. I'm a type 1 diabetic on Medicaid I have an insulin pump but they will not approve a cgm. My endocrinologist allows me to wear a CGM for 7 Days Every 3 months. 437 days it alerts me when I get ready to go high so I can bolus. I have a slow digestive system and the normal insulin pump therapy not work. I test up to 18 times that day. How can I get a CGM ?

    1. Jim,
      Unfortunately Medicaid in many states will not cover CGM. There is a battle going on to try to get Medicare and Medicaid to cover CGM's. You can read about it here: or just Google search for it.

  2. Hi my name is Megan I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 13 and I am 29 now! WOW!!! It's really been 16 years my reason for reaching out today is well like most diabetics type 1 especially I have hit one of those huge messed up road blocks in my care and management! I am a mother of 2 and wife to a hard working husband but sometimes that's not enough especially when it comes to ever skirocketing prices of diabetes supplies. Okay so we signed up for the "Affordale Healthcare Plan" and it worked until my husband started not getting as much work as usual we ended up being just cut off of Humana insurance after I was making payments to catch up mind you I explained my situation and told them how I need insulin to live. They put me on hold and then no one ever called me back. That was three or four months ago I have submitted an application to the university of Jackson to try and get in with their endo Dept but I still have not heard anything plus it's a four hour drive from where I live just to get care. I am now at this stage where I have 100 units left in my insulin pump and that's it I have ran out of test strips for my meter and I am basically guessing at my blood sugars based on how I feel. I am really scared especially knowing I homeschool my children I do not want to have to pass out in front of my children while my husband is at work. I am being vigilant in looking for resources but I cannot wait for 3 months to get approved when I am literally going to be out in a day or two. I am not one to ask for help but this is my cry for help if anyone can help or knows companies that will ship you insulin for free I cannot afford to see my endo because of Humana dropping my coverage and so I cannot go in to get on the patient assistance

    1. Have you looked to see if you qualify for free Humalog or Novolog on the links above? Any of your doctors has to fill out the paperwork and write the prescription then you get it mailed to their office for free. I use to be able to do this when I was unmarried. Please message me if I can be any further assistance. There are also Diabetic Pay it Forward groups on Facebook. Try one of those as well.


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