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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tandem Diabetes Care customer service ROCKS!

I am the worlds BIGGEST klutz and I walk into wall corners, the edge of my desk, drop things constantly and is the reason I never played any sports in school.  Last week I had the misfortune of dropping my pump onto my bathroom tile floor while I was rehooking it back up after a shower.  Yep, I dropped it smack dab on the glass screen.  The first thing that went across my mind, OHHH crap not on the screen AHHHHHHH.  I didnt even want to look to see what damage had been done.  I picked it up, nothing nada no damage! I couldnt believe it!  I was so happy!  A few days go by and one morning while getting ready to take a bolus I noticed the crack in my screen.  I was so upset, I broke my dang pump.  Even with the screen being cracked it still worked just perfectly.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rogue cowboy programmers and helicopter parents....really Dexcom?


Dexcom CEO Terry Gregg and Jay Skyler MD PhD were interviewed by Steven Greer MD about the "rouge cowboy programmers" who have decoded their data for the Nightscout project.

Dexcom I understand where are you are coming from as a company that has to follow the FDA to a tee and go through all the hoops to get your products FDA approved.   What I dont understand is why you needed to call the people & parents of children with Diabetes rogue cowboy programmers?  This is totally uncalled for and a great way to insult the audience you are selling your products to.  We understand it took way too long to get the Dexcom Share approved by the FDA but that is not the fault of the people that collectively say #WeAreNotWaiting   Not everyone uses or like Apple products, you have left out the Android market all together with your Share you didnt make it rechargeable so that parents/loved ones can carry the Share around outside of the home. Didnt you realize that was something your audience was screaming for?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Kerri Sparlings video on complications

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I dont know how I didnt see this video before but it was just shared in a Diabetic support group I am in and it just makes sense to share it with you all.