Darn Dexcom wire

I love my Dexcom, I really do but I hate it when it is poking/stabbing my arm muscle.  I just switched to arm sites for my dexcom again and due to the fact that I havent had it there in a long time I sort of forgot exactly where it needs to go to not hurt.  It has been stabbing me in the arm muscle now for 5 days.  I am trying hard to tough it out to day 7 then yank this damn thing off.  I dont think I am going to make it.  I never know exactly when its going to stab me and holy crap it hurts and I jump every time.  Its like getting an immunization shot into the muscle every time it pokes me.  I cant sleep on my left arm or pick things up or put my arm up.  I am left handed here people.  Its AWESOME to not be able to use it without being stabbed!  I cant ask for a replacement either because it is expired.  Major bummer.  Hopefully this arm stabbing isnt something I will have to deal with from now on because I have lost some weight but I know people whoms arms are all muscle and wear it there so there has got to be some way to use my arms this winter again without being stabbed.  One can hope right? 

Im back to putting just opsite flexifix under the dexcom tape and it has stayed on very well so far for 5 days. Pay no attention to the 20 year old wallpaper in my work office that needs to be ripped down.  I just never get time to get it done. 

 This is what it looks like under my shirt with the thinner transmitter! (no wrist injury just my gosh darn tendonitis that comes back every other month)

JDRF-Funded Islet Encapsulation Program Reaches Historic Milestone


 First Ever Person with Type 1 Diabetes Receives Experimental Encapsulated Human Stem Cell-Derived Beta Cell Replacement Therapy

New York, NY, October 29, 2014 — JDRF, the leading research and advocacy organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, announced today that JDRF-funded partner, ViaCyte, Inc., a leading regenerative medicine company, has for the first time ever implanted a person with type 1 diabetes (T1D) with an experimental encapsulated cell therapy product candidate, called VC-01TM, which is being developed for the treatment of T1D. This individual, and others to follow, is participating in a trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the VC-01 product candidate, a potential replacement source of insulin-producing cells.

Read the whole story here:



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois changes coverage of insulin! Imagine that.

So I got this wonderful gem in the mail last night.

You really really have to love it when an insurance giant like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois decides that it can force you to use which ever insulin they want.  NOT what your DOCTOR thinks is right for you but what they decide they want to cover.  Starting Jan 1 members who are currently taking Humalog or Humulin will be required to go through prior authorization before the drug will be covered at the non-preferred benefit level.  Your doctor will need to submit a request for coverage.

WHAT. A. JOKE.  They use to cover them both equally, what happened?!

Luckily I JUST switched to Novolog but if I had not I personally do not feel like I should be pushed by an insurance company to switch the type of insulin I am on.  Read the bottom line: Most brands of human insulin work nearly the same.  They all work to lower your blood sugar.  Starting January 1, 2015 if you decide to start using a preferred insulin - you should ask your doctor first.  (REALLY?  Because the last time I checked we are allowed to just change our own prescriptions without telling our doctor?)  What the freaking heck?!

THEN it goes on to state about the preferred test strips also!  I have been using Bayer CONTOUR test strips for several years now, thankfully I dont have to change AGAIN!  BUT the kicker is the back of this letter!

Members who are currently using non-preferred test strips will need to go through step therapy.  This means that non-preferred test strips will not be covered unless you try the preferred strip first.  If you and your doctor decide the preferred strip is not right for you, your doctor should submit a prior authorization request for the non-preferred test stip.  If the request is approved, the test strips will be covered at the non-preferred benefit level. (Good luck getting it approved, I have tried this several times and finally gave up)

I know that this shouldnt technically have much effect on people with Diabetes but to have your insurance company make these sort of decisions about our Diabetes medications and treatments really quite frankly pisses me off and it pisses off almost everyone with Diabetes.  MAYBE these insurance companies should get together and force the pharmaceutical companies to lower their costs.  I mean come on 3 bottles of Humalog was around 650/mo before insurance for me.   It does not need to cost that dang much!  Say hey Mr. Billionaire we arent going to cover your insulin AT ALL unless you lower the cost down to 100/bottle or whatever.  

How do you all feel about your insurance companies dictating what insulin you take and what test strips you can use?  I flat out cannot use any other brand of test strip, they just are not covered AT. ALL. I do know this has been going on for many years as I have had to switch several times so I know that this has nothing to do with the ACA, so please do not assume I am blaming that or attributing it to the new health care laws.


No idea what to title this post other than this week has been terrible

This week has been really hard.  We put our 13 year old Boxer Levi to sleep on Saturday.  This is basically the last picture of him.  It has ripped my heart out to put him to rest.

His body and health just fell apart the last month and the whole year overall.  He was diagnosed with Diabetes in March 2013.  I tested his blood sugar, treated lows, and gave him insulin twice a day as damn near close to 6am and 6pm as I could.  Pretty much no one but my husband understood that he needed to be fed on time and on schedule, but I made damn sure to do the best I could even if I did piss off a lot of people because of my dog.  

Treating his Diabetes made me realize a lot of things.  It made me realize how glad I am on Novolog and not Novolin N and have to eat on a schedule like he did.  I am so damn glad I have my Dexcom.  Keeping a watchful eye on him nonstop for lows and checking him when he was acting just a little off was an incredible experience for me personally.  My Dexcom catches my lows before they would become as incredibly scary as my dog's would and mine use to get very very low before I would feel them prior to Dexcom and using an insulin pump.  We tested him in the 20-30 range all the time and I would litterally just sit there with him when he was low to make sure he was coming up and was going to be ok.  We were late to many things because I could NOT leave until I knew his blood sugar was coming up.  I made a lot of people really mad because of these reasons but I owed that dog my diligence with his Diabetes not only because of his loving loyalty for his entire life but because he was there for me when I depressed or upset or stressed out about whatever part of life.  Dog Diabetes complications are much more expedited since their life span is so much shorter. 

I did my very best to manage his Diabetes but despite that I saw the same things I see in my Diabetes.  He had unexpected highs and lows, he would accidentally get some spilled food from our daughter, some days he wanted to run around outside more, some days less.  These all affected his blood sugar, as it does mine.  His unexplained highs would cause rear leg nerve damage very quickly but within a week of better control the damage would get better and he would walk better again.  In the end the damage was not getting better and his weight kept dropping and he was just losing his ability to function and do much of anything but sleep and seemed to be unhappy and somewhat uncomfortable.  It just killed me.  I feel like Diabetes did steal some time with him away from us. I did not want him to suffer and have more bad days than good just so we could have more time with him.  It wasnt fair to him to be in misery just because we didnt want him to go. Heaven is a wonderful place with no pain or misery and we will see him again someday, so its not goodbye forever, its I will see you again someday.

It has made me realize the amount of damage Diabetes can do, even if you do your best to manage it.  Diabetes and the treatments we have available today just arent enough.  We need faster insulin for humans and we need that gosh darn closed loop dual chambered insulin pump.  Or at least I know I sure do.  It made me realize I need to do better managing my Diabetes, even though this week I just don't feel like eating or when I do its just junk food.  My other Boxer Roxy doesn't feel like eating either, she is so sad that its just killing me. She doesn't even know what to do with herself sleeping on their bedding all alone and just being alone all together.  (we adopted the dog that the previous home owners had as they moved to a condo thousands of miles away, but Roxy hasn't taken to her all that well yet, I am hoping she can make room in her heart for the other dog Cocoa)

My heart feels broken now that he is gone.  I realize he lived a very very long life for a Boxer and he gave us a ton of happy memories to remember but it isnt helping to ease my pain.  I  know this blog post is somewhat off topic of my blog but its something that is happening in my life right now and I need to write about it.  To me he was an important being and now that he is gone I feel like a part of me is gone.  A friend told me the other day, while we never really get over our losses, we do get use to them, carry them with us and they become part of who we are and that is ok.  This sentence could not be more true for the way I feel about losing people/pets we love. I will be ok eventually, but right now I feel like I am on the verge of falling apart every moment. Being at work and trying to hold my composure with a smile on my face feels like a mountain of a task. 

Levi was the reason I bought my first house, he was the reason I met my husband, he adored our daughter, he was my doggie protector and I loved him so very much.  He is up in Heaven now pain free and playing with his mom Princess, brother Buddy and Grandma Kassie (who I had to put to sleep Feb 2007).  I am still in shock that my dog is really and truly gone.  This is the one and only part of owning pets that I truly hate and dread as they age. 

See you later Levi, I love and miss you something terrible.


We need to remind Congress to #Vote4DM by cosponsoring these bills. PLEASE TWEET TODAY!!

Those of you who have twitter, please help us get these bills voted on for Diabetes! 
We voted them into office.  Tell them to #Vote4DM.

There are three diabetes bills that are currently in play up on Capitol Hill.
S539/HR1074 – National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (Coordinate)

S945/HR1274 – Access to Quality Diabetes Education Acts (Diabetes Education)

S2689/HR5644 – Medicare CGM Access Act of 2014 (Cover CGM)

PLEASE Go here to tweet!  http://www.stripsafely.com/the-twitter-page/


FDA approved Dexcom Share!! Very exciting news!

"SAN DIEGO, Oct 20, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dexcom, Inc. DXCM, +1.16% a leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for patients with diabetes, announced today that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its CGM remote mobile communications device: Dexcom SHARE"


Info live now on Dexcom's website!

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