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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Restarting my Dexcom G6 with Basal IQ running on my Tandem X2

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Today I finally did a restart of my G6 Dexcom sensor while having it run on my X2 tandem insulin pump.

The original sensor I did when I updated my pump had to be yanked off.  My tape was eating the skin on my leg.  If I go too far to the backside of my leg, my skin is like allergic to my Opsite Flexifix.  Its really crazy.

So at my 6 hr warning or whatever it was I decided I had to do my restart!

I put my pump far away from me just in case, I did not want to screw it up.  Then be sure to hook back up after you restarted the sensor on your phone. Do not go 2 hrs unhooked.

-Went to my phone app and waited for a fresh b.g. reading.  You have to do the restarts in the window the transmitter is not taking to your device. 
-After it got a new b.g. I waited about 1 min.
-Then hit stop sensor, went through the process on the app, reused my code from 10 days ago and then shut off bluetooth.
-Then set a 2 hr 10 min timer on my phone.  You can also go back into the app and read your sensor insertion time.
-My pump kept readings through the whole 2 hour warm up since my transmitter had no idea that my phone app was doing a restart/2 hour warm up.
- After timer goes off, turn blue tooth back on, open dexcom app and it will say signal loss then go to a 5 minute countdown and then it should work and your pump will catch up with the new session history. You can see it in cgm history, session and calibrations, click today and it will say session joined.

- If you are worried you cannot do all of this fast enough you could always have someone else do the restart on your phone or receiver and you could go stand outside far enough away so it cannot read you.

- If you let your sensor expire my theory is youll have to get it off your pump first and you can only do that by shutting it down first.  Or wait 15 minutes, turn your phone blue tooth off and then restart the sensor on your pump.  I do not know if anyone knows if the pump software is as smart at the phone app and knows to look for erratic data to know it is in fact a brand new sensor. If it does then you would have to get it all the way off your pump, then do the phone restart process and shut blue tooth off.

I hope this helps and if it helped you please leave me a comment! Comments are what keeps me inspired to keep helping other t1d warriors and keep blogging. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Restarting Dexcom G6 sensors and Tandem X2 Basal IQ update.

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So hopefully everyone knows you can in fact restart G6 sensors.  You can follow Katie Disimone's awesome tutorial here:

We have now discovered you can restart a sensor after it officially expires, if you accidentally do that.  You can follow the same above directions or try what works for me.

My android will not allow me to forget the transmitter i.d. and then re-pair. I tried and had to delete the whole app, reinstall and restart the 2 hour warm up. So my sensor expired in the mean time.

I went into my phone app, hit stop sensor or new sensor.  I reused my sensor code, hit start then as soon as possible shut your blue tooth off completely.  You have to do this in the 5 minute time frame your transmitter and phone app or reciever are not talking.  Watch for a fresh b.g. reading and then do the stop/start.  Then set a timer on your phone for 2 hours and 10 minutes. When timer goes off turn your blue tooth back on. Open Dexcom app and it should say 5 mins remaining.  I waited and then it started reading just like it was in fact a brand new sensor.

Do this at your own risk. I am not a doctor or giving you medical advice.

I have only gotten sensors to restart twice so far, the third time I get nonstop sensor error messages. They are so frequent that it makes them totally useless to me. So since July 21 I have used 3 sensors, just put third one on today.

I also did the basal iq update today. I am going to attempt a restart in 9 days. I plan on keeping readings on my pump and doing the restart on my phone like I explained above.

If you allow the sensor to end it gets more complicated.  You'd have to shut the pump down, restart it and it won't have the sensor session active anymore. So leave it off the pump while you do a restart on your phone.

When the session restarts on your phone and is reading you enter the transmitter id into the pump, start sensor, skip sensor id and hope it will catch up to your phone. It should as mine did exactly that today when I did the pump update. I had an active session on my phone that I just started up this morning. It caught up and that was all I had to do. 

Finally getting a few minutes to do my Basal IQ training!

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Today I am doing my Tandem Basal IQ training online after getting the email.

It was an easy training session and I would have gotten it faster but the system kept booting me out.

Litterally 2 seconds after I finished I got my code in my email. That was awesome.

I clicked the link, downloaded the updater, followed the directions and my pump was updated in about 5 minutes I think.

I loaded a cartridge, entered by transmitter i.d. and started the sensor, skipped the code since it was active on my phone and 5 minutes later my graph was back on my pump!

I turned on basal iq alarms and now I am OFFICIALLY rolling with the latest and greatest pump software from Tandem. To say I am stoked is an understatment! I am ecstatic!

Now to wait for a low and watch it work! I cant wait!

I can finally be untethered from my phone! I am so excited since I had to go back to carrying my phone when I did the G6 update one month ago. Its so simple of a thing but not having to carry your phone nonstop anymore is such a relief. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Tandem has started rolling out the Basal IQ software update!

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I just read in a group that emails are going out to update your pumps software! You can get the ball rolling youself for the update here: https://portal.tandemdiabetes.com/login

Now I just have to wait for my Endo to write the prescription and get a call from Tandem!

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