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Saturday, May 12, 2018

I am still fighting Metformin G.I. side effects

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I am still trying the Metformin and still having bouts of g.i. issues.  I think I have been on twice daily 500mg dose for 2 weeks. Whew I think I'm past the g.i. effects and then BAM 430 A.M. my bowels are attempting to see how hard they can cramp before I die. Holy shit I hate bowel cramps! I finally just took 2 Immodium after 8 hours of on and off cramping and then finally cramps so bad I couldnt stand. I laid on the floor curled in a ball in the living room with my 2 kids.  The immodium finally stopped the cramps after an hour. Jeesh.

I am really hoping this stops soon.  I was going to go up to 1000mg twice daily in a couple weeks but now I am rethinking that idea. I think Ill stay at my current dose for 2 months.

I am just exhausted now from all the cramping, horrible pain and pooping!

Heres to hoping it stops after today!  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Got my third replacement tandem x2 insulin pump.

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I just got my third replacement tandem x2 pump in the mail the other day.  I still have to do the tedious work of  copying down settings into the new one. 

My first x2 could not get and keep Dexcom signal.  Now the 2nd one keeps freaking out and saying I have an invalid transmitter id.  Which is incorrect because it works on my Android and there is no paired receiver and it is not even on.  I did a shut down and got a new transmitter from Tandem.  Still doing the same thing, invalid transmitter i.d. 

So even though it is driving me a little crazy to have it do this I understand it is a mechanical and electronic device and they do fail.  I typically have the worst of luck so I fully expect things like this to happen to me.  I also still love #TandemDiabetesCare and do not plan on switching pump companies any time soon.  Im holding hope and faith in the upcoming closed loop with Dexcom.  Ive been wearing a #Dexcom for 7 years this December. 

Still using my legs for pumps site with success

So I am using the areas all around my knees for insulin pump infusion sites.  They are working with varying success.  Some places hurt like heck or get in the way constantly.  Inside the knee area doesnt work well for side sleeping or leg crossing and I do both.

I have tried up higher on my thigh and it always hurts too much by day 2 and I have to pull it. 

Right now I have it on the outside of my knee and up a little ways up. Im on day three and for sure need to move it as it hurts.

I am glad to finally find some new areas to stick my pump infusion set in.  My flanks and love handle area needs a break desperately.  Im going to have to have liposuction to get rid of the excess fat buildup there.  I have been unable to lose this insulin built up fat, even down to 100 pounds it is still there.  I cannot maintain 100 pounds, I have to eat like a bird and that is nearly impossible. I get thinner everywhere but where I have injected insulin. 😣

Monday, April 30, 2018

A new approach to my t1d management and its working great!

So nearly a month ago I started a new approach to my type 1 Diabetes management.  I am taking Metformin which is typically a type 2 Diabetes pill. My endo agreed to let me try it to see what happens. Needless to say it has revolutionized my diabetes and made the amount of insulin I need drop tremendously and my resistance drop tremendously! Taking less insulin has many benefits including making it easier to keep weight off and lose weight. With insulin I can easily gain 10 pounds in one week if I over eat. Then losing that 10 pounds takes many weeks, its a crazy battle that has made me crazy since starting insulin. I constantly go up and down 10-20 pounds.  Taking less insulin also means less lows, though I am still tweeking my pump settings because the metformin is still making me go low. If you have type 1 and are struggeling with resistance or needing a lot of insulin you should consider discussing metformin with your Endocrinologist also!

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