Friday, March 6, 2015

I am allergic/sensitive to Novolog, never in my life did I think that would happen

Well I am beyond 48 hours back on Humalog in my pump and I have ZERO pain.  I am completely shocked.  Again, thank you to Holly in a support group I am in, she asked if I could be allergic/sensitive to Novolog because she is and in turn helped me so so much and saved my sanity.

I switched to Novolog back in December due to the savings card and then to top it off I got notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield they were going to Novolog for preferred.  So I was like ok well I already switched so thats good, right?

It went ok for quite a while and now 2 months into using it my sites became increasingly painful, insulin burned like acid during boluses and I would get a very painful bump by day 2.

Isn't that just crazy?  I cannot believe it. I am allergic and/or VERY sensitive to something they put in Novolog.  I guess I am not technically allergic or I would have went into anaphylactic shock, which I didn't obviously.  Now after talking to a person who did have a full blown allergic reaction I finally realize that I was getting hives, my dumb self thought I got bitten by something.  Holy smokes I could have ended up in the E.R. if I had kept taking it! 

SO if any of you were forced to switch this year to Novolog and you are getting increasingly painful pump sites this may be the cause.

I was on Humalog for many years, at least 10 I would hopefully switching back will be ok and my body won't react to Humalog or I am in a whole new world of trouble.

Anyone else allergic/sensitive to one insulin vs the other?

The battle has begun to get my insurance to cover it at the preferred copay since I am totally unable to use their preferred brand.

Eli Lilly can you offer a savings card like Novo Nordisk does?  Don't you want to win back more of your customer base that was forced to go to Novolog this January?  Come on, help us Diabetics out, we pay a fortune to stay alive everyday as it is!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back to Humalog

A fellow t1d in a support group Im in suggested that maybe Im allergic to Novolog. I just switched in December. I called my Endo, got an rx for Humalog called in, I got it loaded into my pump and Im praying that this is my problem.

The site I had my pump on my arm is so incredibly sore, its just unreal. 2 days and this insane pain, lump and burning boluses.

So now I have three previous spots that all hurt. Crazy.

Ill hopefully be able to tell you in two days that the Humalog is working.

Please sign the ADA petition online

I just signed the American Diabetes Association’s petition to make diabetes a national priority. I need your help so Congress does its part to stop this disease and its horrible complications. Please join me and sign the petition at

Diabetes, can you just cut me some slack?

My Diabetes is apparently at war against me again.  Shortly after I first started pumping insulin in 2008 my infusion sets started to hurt me tremendously and I almost gave up using an insulin pump until my CDE (aka life saver) Calli told me to try angled sets.  She saved my sanity even though it probably took me a good year to get down inserting that giant needle by hand and at the right depth, but its been mostly smooth sailing since then.

That was 7 years ago and now I am back to my infusion sets killing me again.  I am at a total loss for what to do, except change them out every 2 days, which might make me crazy.  Just the thought of needing 5 more sets a month and the cost makes me sick.  Not only that but poking yet another hole into my skin and another scar that will take months to years to fade.  FIVE more scars a month to heal, I already look part Cheetah as it is.  I have this insanely tough skin, genetics I guess, and as it is I have to push very hard to get the needle to pierce my skin.  I also form scar tissue relatively quickly/easily and now my body is forming a nice painful bump in just two days instead of at least four.  I have very visible scars from my childhood=20+ years ago.  How in the world am I expected to use an insulin pump for The Rest Of My Life?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spare a Rose results

To see the results of this years Spare a Rose campaign and see how many children's insulin needs will be taken care of this year, please go to Kerri's blog post found here:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My JDRF One Walk page

It is that time of year again!  

Here is my JDRF One Walk page:

My fundraising goal this year is $1000 and $4000 for the team!

Help me get there if you are able!  Let's do this!

This is my 5th year participating in this walk and so far our team has raised a total of $7,654.00

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Only walk the walk when you have to.

Don't attempt to try on the shoes until you have to walk in them.  

Diabetes is surrounded by a lot of misinformation, stigma and assumptions.
Assumptions about what its like to have Diabetes are the things that hurt the worst. If you want to know about Diabetes please ask, I would be glad to help you know better and spare another person from the hurtful words or incorrect assumptions.

Assumptions I have heard from people include: can you eat that, oh you can't eat this can you, my grandma had Diabetes and they cut her leg off, oh my -insert relative- died from Diabetes, you must be a bad Diabetic because you test more than -insert name-, will you die if you eat this, can you eat sugar, oh I'm sorry I didn't bring you one because you are Diabetic, you don't look sick, are you going to die from kidney disease, are you worried about going blind, you are on an insulin pump oh you must have it real bad, youd go into a coma if you ate this wouldn't you, aren't you worried about your daughter becoming Diabetic (are you trying to say I shouldn't have had my child just because I have Diabetes), those are just a few off the top of my head.

If you know someone with a chronic disease or condition please offer them your support, don't tease them, dangle things in front of them they can't do or eat, don't chastise them for not being more "compliant" sooner.  Lifestyle change is never ever easy. Evvvvverrrrrr.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wearing an insulin pump

Wearing an insulin pump isnt "just" wearing an insulin pump, its the part I dislike about being attached to it every single moment of my life. I cannot manage my Diabetes without this amazing device, without it I go low and high and high and low and no rhyme or reason because on an insulin syringe there is no .30 units or .65 units. These are examples of my hourly basal rates. Those are the reasons why I cant do Diabetes without this insulin pump.

I dislike and even somedays hate what it means to wear this thing. People assume you wear a pump and your Diabetes is just whhhaaallllaaaaa super easy, fixed, or the oppostie....and the dreaded comment.....You must have Diabetes REAL BAD. Even those things arent the number one thing that bothers me. I hate what this thing does to my skin, its appearance, texture, smoothness, pain, sores, scabs, stabbing pain....etc etc. 

There is no sugar coating it, it makes my skin look like crap. The sides of my hip/butt and my love handles are dotted with scars. I look like a leopard. I use Bio Oil to help heal the infusion holes, help fade the scars but they are still there. For my skin it takes years for these dots to fade totally. I still have scars from my childhood and even some of them have just faded. Thats 20 years ago, 20 years.

Not everyone's skin heals the same or scars the same, but that is how my skin is. I cannot help but wonder, what will my skin look like after Ive worn this pump for over 20 years? Will I be able to even wear it? I cannot use my stomach area, my legs or arms at all. The pain is unbearable and yet Ive only met a handful of people who also have this terrible burning pain when they use those areas. I have such a limited amount of skin real estate to use. I cant help but worry.

Please someone out there find a cure for this disease.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Please pray for Kycie!

Please click here to view updates, make a dontation, or leave your comment.

Update: ‪#‎Repost‬ @jjterry77 ・・・Guess who is breathing on her own. They tried a spontaneous breathing trial. This is where they turn the breathing machine off and she what happens. It's all Kycie! The machine still gives her "positive pressure". It is hard to breath through a small tube, so when she sucks in the machine will help push the air. They will leave the machine off until the extubate later today. Also, her eyes have been open more this morning. Last blood sugar was 238, our last orders were to correct for anything higher than 150. ‪#‎smallandsimple‬ ‪#‎kissesforkycie‬

Copied from her youcaring page:

"Please join us in supporting the Terry Family!

On January 25th, sweet Kycie started complaining of a headache. On Monday she said her tummy hurt and a little later she threw up. Her mom and dad figured she was coming down with the flu. She slept all day Monday. She was giving her sprite and water to help her tummy. She did not want any food. Tuesday there was no change, and her brothers started to complain of stomach aches and sore throats. Jamie took Daxton and Kycie to the doctor on Wednesday. They were given antibiotics for strep throat. By Thursday night, she was worse. On friday they went to the doctor and went to the ER at 1:00pm. By 5:00pm she was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital with blood sugar of 1148. Her parents had no idea that sweet little Kycie had diabetes! 

Enroute to the hospital she had a seizure and another one right when they got to the hospital. She has been unresponsive ever since. At this point her blood sugars are under control. After reviewing her MRI the doctors said that she has extensive damage to the brain. The brain had herniated into the brain stem.They said if she survives to prepare themselves for her to be severely handicapped. They will do another MRI on Tuesday and at that point with decide if they should consider taking her off the breathing machines.

The family is hoping for a miracle and knows that this little girl's life is in God's hands right now. You can show your support to the Terry family by keeping them in your prayers and donating to help with any financial expenses that they have. Let's join together to support this wonderful family! We love you Kycie! #kissesforkycie"

Emergency Glucagon injection and why/how it works and when it doesn't work. Something we all need to know.

I am in the CGM in the Cloud group on Facebook:

There was recently a large discussion about the Glucagon injection and how and why it works and when it doesn't work.  When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes no one, not a single health care professional told me how it works and why.  More importantly they didnt tell me that it won't work in all instances of a seizure inducing low.  This is very important and as I am finding out, I was not the only one who didn't know this.

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