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Friday, October 19, 2018

Another successful Dexcom G6 sensor restart!

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I restarted yet another G6 sensor today using my Samsung Galaxy S8 and my X2 Tandem pump.

I still find it perplexing that so many people keep having issues doing this.

In this post I will attempt to simplify the directions in an effort to help more people who are struggling.

1. Phone and pump alarmed for 6 hours left on my sensor.

2. Go to my dexcom images file on my phone to find my current sensor code that I photographed.

3. Turn phone side ways as to see and wait for a brand new b.g. reading. If you hold finger on current dot/bg reading it will tell you the time it received the reading.

4. Wait one minute.

5. Press stop sensor on phone ONLY!

6. Still on your phone press new sensor, enter code, press start.

7. Shut off blue tooth. You MUST do this in the time frame between when your transmitter is giving data to your phone and pump.  If you mess this up the sensor session on your pump will stop because your phone app told the transmitter you hit stop sensor, the devices have 2 way communication which it what keeps your phone app and pump or receiver synced. So move through these steps quickly!

8. Set timer on phone for 2 hrs 10 mins.

9. Enjoy still seeing your blood sugars on your x2 pump or Dexcom receiver if you do not use the x2 pump.

10. Timer goes off on your phone.

11. Turn on blue tooth on your phone.

12. Watch phone say it has lost signal, then go to 5 min remaining and thennnnn.....

13. Your bg readings reappear on your Dexcom app.

14. Pump has joined new session and aligns with what your phone says for the current sensor session. In cgm history it will say session joined.

15. Tada! I hope that helps!

You can also do this backwards if you do not use the x2 pump.  You can keep bg readings on your phone and use the receiver to do the restart. You just need another step of using a mirowave or faraday bag to block the blue tooth signal on the receiver since there is no way to shut off blue tooth on that device.

I am sure you can also keep bgs going on receiver but do the restart on your phone instead and be sure to keep phone blue tooth off during start up.

These steps are all of course when you still have time left on your current session and will NOT expire while in the 2 hr start up time frame.

The steps for if it has expired are a bit different. I avoid making that mistake as best as I can because it can be a bit more complicated. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Changed things up a bit

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So I started a facebook support group a a few years ago and it never got much traffic.

Today I decided to alter the name of the group due to the amount of people needing help restarting their Dexcom G6 sensors.  I have helped and answered probably 200 questions about restarting sensors.  The groups are just slammed with questions.  So I figured it can't hurt to open up my group to a wider group of people and help alleviate some of the other groups with the hundreds of restart questions.

Check it out here:


Monday, October 8, 2018

Dexcom to the rescue!

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Holy moly have I been through the Diabetes tech ringer for the last 14 or so hours.

Yesterday evening while visiting at family out of town my super old g6 sensor finally crapped out, nonstop sensor errors.  So I had already brought a new sensor because it was going bad.

Prepped the site, put my opsite flexifix down, left my old one on for fear of another stuck applicator and then it happened! The applicator got stuck on again, 2nd time! I was like

Friday, October 5, 2018

Restarting a G6 Dexcom sensor after running out of time and using the X2.

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Last weekend I was so busy cleaning my house for one of our kids birthday parties that I forgot I was running out of time on my sensor session.  Then I heard it, the beep that says your sensor session is going to end in 30 minutes or whatever the very last warning is. I forget how much time that last one is at.

A few swear words may have been said.  So I figured its now or never to figure out how to do this.

This was also my 2nd restart, so I was on day 20. The 2nd restart usually does not go so well for me, lots of sensor error readings.

So I left the pump saying was running out of time while I did the restart on my phone. I watched for a fresh bg reading then quickly stopped sensor, new sensor, entered code, start sensor and shut off my blue tooth.

Of course my pumps sensor time ran down and it beeped saying I needed a new sensor. I let it just ride along showing the new sensor icon.

After my 2 hour 10 min alarm went off on my phone (I set a timer) I turned blue tooth back on, opened my Dexcom app, it showed no signal which is what it should say.  Then the 5 min circle and then it just started working.  I watched my pump and it just joined the session like it did when I downloaded the basal iq software onto my pump.  I jumped for joy and could not believe it worked!

I got a whole bunch of sensor error messages again the first day but I decided to ride it out and it is still on today. This one has been on since September 19th!

I am trying hard to never let the time run out totally because you have no idea when the phone and transmitter are communicating.  So you dont know when that window is to do a restart. Unless it doesnt really matter as long as the phone is not reading the values at restart so it doesnt know you reused the sensor. I don't know, I am sure I will run into this situation sooner or later.  I will keep you posted. 

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