Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tandem Diabetes Care customer service ROCKS!

I am the worlds BIGGEST klutz and I walk into wall corners, the edge of my desk, drop things constantly and is the reason I never played any sports in school.  Last week I had the misfortune of dropping my pump onto my bathroom tile floor while I was rehooking it back up after a shower.  Yep, I dropped it smack dab on the glass screen.  The first thing that went across my mind, OHHH crap not on the screen AHHHHHHH.  I didnt even want to look to see what damage had been done.  I picked it up, nothing nada no damage! I couldnt believe it!  I was so happy!  A few days go by and one morning while getting ready to take a bolus I noticed the crack in my screen.  I was so upset, I broke my dang pump.  Even with the screen being cracked it still worked just perfectly.  I called Tandem and told them about it at work last Friday.  They wanted me to peel the screen protector off but I told her I was 100% sure it was the glass and I was very afraid that if I took the cover off that the screen would fall apart in my hands.  Luckily they took my word for it and overnighted me a new pump and I got it on Saturday.

Just wanted to say another huge thanks to Tandem Diabetes for their awesome customer service.  I am on my 3rd pump replacement since August 2013.  This is however the first one I have cracked the screen on. The first one shut down unexpectedly when I plugged it in, the second one the screen started losing pixels and this one I dropped.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rogue cowboy programmers and helicopter parents....really Dexcom?

Dexcom CEO Terry Gregg and Jay Skyler MD PhD were interviewed by Steven Greer MD about the "rouge cowboy programmers" who have decoded their data for the Nightscout project.

Dexcom I understand where are you are coming from as a company that has to follow the FDA to a tee and go through all the hoops to get your products FDA approved.   What I dont understand is why you needed to call the people & parents of children with Diabetes rogue cowboy programmers?  This is totally uncalled for and a great way to insult the audience you are selling your products to.  We understand it took way too long to get the Dexcom Share approved by the FDA but that is not the fault of the people that collectively say #WeAreNotWaiting   Not everyone uses or like Apple products, you have left out the Android market all together with your Share you didnt make it rechargeable so that parents/loved ones can carry the Share around outside of the home. Didnt you realize that was something your audience was screaming for?

Our Diabetes doesn't turn off when we leave the front door to our home.  Diabetes is with us everywhere we go.  We need a product that can go with us everywhere we go to help us stay safe with Diabetes.  Fast track the latest Dexcom product, make it portable to be sent to all Apple and Android devices.  You cannot blame parents for making this sort of thing available NOW and not wait any longer.  You dont have to congratulate the people who did this for their hard work but you sure dont need to go on bashing them either.

Helicopter parents?! Really?  Dr. Skyler do you have a child with Diabetes?  I do not have a child with Diabetes but I have Diabetes myself.  I know how quickly and unexpectedly my blood sugar can crash without notice, I can only imagine how fast that can happen for a child with endless amounts of energy!  I read the stories of the parents who are using the Nightscout system and it has changed their lives and sometimes even saved their child's lives.  These "helicopter" parents are trying to in fact help their child live as normal of a life as possible with LESS intervention.  Instead of checking their blood sugar 1000 times a day and asking their child if they feel ok, they can just LOOK and see the answer.  Do you blame them?  Parents of children with Diabetes are the only ones who are going to be constantly aware of their childs' blood sugar readings.  Schools cant make sure they keep an eye on a kids Dexcom, nor can school nurses.   They have hundreds of other kids to care for and teachers are busy trying to teach a room full of kids and keep them under control.  There is  no reason for any medical professional to be so callous and call parents of Diabetic kids "helicopter" parents.  No reason at all.  They should have interviewed Dr. Edward Damiano, who does have a Diabetic child and is working on the Bionic pancreas project.  I can bet you he wouldn't call anyone a "helicopter" parent!!

By the way Mr. Gregg the CGM in the Cloud group has over 9,000 people I really would suggest not upsetting them since you hope to sell your products to them.  The Share probably isn't selling the greatest and that's kind of Dexcom's fault for not making it do what the people who want to use it do (be portable and Android friendly).  In the business world its just not good practice to ostracize a very large portion of your customers/the people who spend their hard earned money with your company.  I think Dexcom needs to offer an official apology for their misstep in voicing their opinion on the Nightscout.

Since the comments for this video have been disabled, let your voices be heard here!  Leave your comments for Dexcom and how this video has made you feel.  Please do not use profanity, lets all be as professional as we can even though this video has upset a lot of you.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Kerri Sparlings video on complications

I dont know how I didnt see this video before but it was just shared in a Diabetic support group I am in and it just makes sense to share it with you all.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday dearest Marjie, my inspiration

Every day I attempt to put life with Diabetes into perspective....there are people with untreatable disease that will die much too young, there are people who never bring their newborn babies home from the hospital, there are people undergoing treatment to try to stay here on Earth and ones who don't win that battle. Today is my 61 one yr old cousin (my cousins wife) birthday, she died 1 year ago before turning 60, she was a magnificent person with adult children and grandchildren who adored her and a husband who loved her so very very much. She is gone, we are here. She had a long battle with Cancer several times and through it all she kept her faith and kept on fighting. She fought until there was no treatment left to heal her. She was an inspiration to me in her ability to never give up. She told me to keep fighting and to stay strong against my long road ahead with Diabetes. I have no idea how but she saw my daily struggles as an inspiration even though her battle to me seemed so much harder to endure.  

Live each day like its your last and enjoy it to the max, tomorrow is not a guarantee. We have a manageable disease, granted some days suck royally at least we know or hope that tomorrow is a new day and we start that day knowing we still have diabetes but it shouldn't kill us and we still get to enjoy life on earth with loved ones.

My cousin isn't here, her life got cut very short, she is missed terribly.

This post is for all you out there who are struggling, having a bad month, week, day, year whatever it may be. We all have times we want to give up and feel like having Diabetes is a death sentence. You can do it, you will do it, and us other people with Diabetes will help you on the way. Ask for help, join a support group online, reach out, we all support each other. Its a hard and lonely battle if you don't have anyone else you can talk to who understands. So stop hesitating and join a group in person or online, I have found the DOC diabetes online community, to be the biggest help in the last few years. Without these people I felt like the only Diabetic in the world.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not the way to start your morning.

So Im changing my infusion set this morning and my Dexcom sensor expired 2 hours ago so I restarted it. No big deal right? Yeah I yank my set and there is a spec of puss in it. Not so great but its not like thats never happened.  Put a new set in get it all hooked up and Dex is ready to calibrate. Ok great! Not great. My blood sugar is 500 and I had no clue besides my stomach feels kinda crappy.  This is why my Dexcom is so so very important. I had no idea I was 500! I mean come on holy crap 500!!!!! Freakn wnderful. So I just took a giant correction and now I cant calibrate Dex until Im under 400 since you cant enter a number over 400. Great way to start the day.  Now I feel like barfing and I have to drink a ton of water.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just so you know

The NEW Butterfinger peanut butter cups......suck. Not a away with the smooth part and make them just crunchy thennnnn they would be good. Yeah so dont go buying any to treat your lows.  Or try a two pack first, I was low and bought a four cup pack and just now finished it a week later. 

Last day to take the BIG BLUE TEST and trigger a donation to help others in need to get their diabetes supplies!

TODAY is the last day to take the Big Blue Test!   Every time you do anything to move around and you have Diabetes or not, log on enter your info and hit submit!

Go here:

Each Big Blue Test entry you log between October20th and November 19th triggers a donation on your behalf to nonprofit groups that are providing life-saving supplies, services and education to people with diabetes in need. Taking the Big Blue Test is easy.

The current count is:

27679 and they need to get to 35000!!  



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How I get air bubbles out of my tslim pump luer lock

This, right here is what I do every time.  This is not my video, I am sharing it from youtube. 

(reblogging from Nov 2013) PortaPocket and why it rocks my Diabetic life!

Thank you Kendra Kroll owner of PortaPocket!

So the owner of PortaPocket sent me some of her products to try. I got the small and medium sized pockets and 12 and 18 inch bands.

I am the kind of person who wants to reclaim her pants pocket for things other than Diabetic junk.
Sometimes the pockets in my work pants are too small or they just dont exsist. So I use my ankles. 

Call me weird but it works and after about 3 days you dont notice it at all anymore.  Plus when I use my ankles you would have no idea I had a pump on me. 

I also wear my dexcom on my ankles sometimes. I have a tally gear case and I like because it protects Dex from water and dropping it.  I need more options sometimes though.

<<===This is the small pocket on a  12" band held on with velcro.  The velcro makes it easy to unattach from your leg.  It holds my t:slim pump very well!

CGM in the cloud from a parents perspective.

I am a member of the CGM in the Cloud Facebook Group ( which has nearly 8,500 members right now) and day after day I read the incredible stories of how the Nightscout project has helped thousands of parents of children with type 1 Diabetes.  Some of their stories bring tears to my eyes even though I can only imagine how much something like this it just a giant help to them and keeping their childs blood sugar from crashing and not knowing about it and just how much it helps when their child is away at school or anywhere away from home.  It is not yet FDA approved but as the hash tag says it all #WeAreNotWaiting it has been proven time and time again to be a priceless tool for many parents and even could be used for adults who have lost the ability to sense their lows or who have to sleep alone at night. 

Laurie Schwartz is a mother of a type 1 Diabetic son and on day one of using the CGM in the cloud set up believes it saved her son from a very close call.

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