Novolog vs. Humalog

I want to hear from those of you out there on this one, please. 

I am currently using Humalog in my t:slim insulin pump and I do not have any issues with it.  Prior to pumping I was on Novolog because at the time it was my insurance company's preferred brand.  Now the insurance I have doesn't care which one I use. 

Here is my hang up, Novolog gives a discount card good for two years.  http://www.novolog.com/NovoLogSavings/NovoLogSavings.aspx I would pay $25.00 per month if I use it.  I am paying $50.00 per month now.  We are talking about a $300.00 difference.  That is HUGE!

Do you think I should try switching to see what my results end up?  Does anyone use this discount card now and do they let you renew the discount card after two years?

Someone PLEASE chime in!

I am very sensitive to insulin so I wonder if I change, will I have to start at square one adjusting my pump settings?  Or do most of you insulin sensitive people see not much of a difference?  I know there is suppose to be much difference but as you all well know, your diabetes may vary. 

Bayer Contour Choice Program has been extended

I just got done going through the Prior Authorization fiasco with my health insurance to get more than their measly 150 they want to give me each month.  I get 300 a month and yes I am on a Dexcom.  There are some days where I am  having a hard time and test my blood sugar 20 times, there are some days I test my blood sugar 5 times and there are some days I test my blood sugar 10 times a day.  So if they give me the measly 150/mo I end up rationing my blood glucose test strips which you all know what that means, really crappy control.  I dont know how anyone can only test 5 times a day every single day for 30 days.  I just dont. 

So after my Endo sent in the forms for me to get 300 I get my approval letter stating that I am approved for 140. Huh? 140?  They come in bottles of 50 not 10.  So I called my Endo's office, yep we asked for 300, ok great thanks! So I call my insurance and after waiting forever they discovered I did get 300!  YAY! GREAT!

I called the Contour Choice program hotline to ask if my card was still good.  He says he has no way of telling me that I have to ask the pharmacy and he also said that they have not yet extended the discount card program due to end May 31st. 

If you go to: http://www.bayercontour.com/Meter-and-Test-Strip-Savings/ContourCHOICEProgram/Home You will see that is states it now ends 12/31/2015, yep thats right the people giving out the information on the hotline at Bayer don't even know this!  Awesome! 

Call the pharmacy to give them the good news.  Or so I thought.  I asked if my Contour Choice program card was still good and she said no it is expired from being used 12 times.  So I go online and renew my discount card and then it finally works!  My test strips will again go from a co-pay of $50.00 down to $15.00  It is a pain in my butt to get this done every single year but holy smokes does it save me a lot of money!  It goes from being $600/year for test strips down to $180! 

If you are using the Bayer Contour Choice discount program it has been extended, just go to the link and renew your card or if it gives you fits, act like you are getting a new one and it will then renew the old one.  I had to go this route to get it done!


My replacement t:slim has a screen problem

Last week I had Tandem Diabetes send me a new pump since it shut down when I plugged it in to charge.
Well now this one started having black spots on the screen and I called the other day to get it replaced. It should arrive by tomorrow.  The spots are getting bigger and more of the screen is blacked out. Kind of strange and wierd. Im not sure what to think of it.
I still love my t:slim and their customer service. Just a wierd new issue.