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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I had to ditch xdrip+ and go back to Dexcom app

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Well I love xdrip+, its predictions, ability to enter carbs, insulin doses and all the bells and whistles.  My Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, however, hates xdrip+ and refused to play well with the app.  It kept losing signal and refusing to re-pair without much work and frustration from me and a lot of swearing at my phone. Most of the signal loss issues were happening at night and so then my followers were in the dark.  I had to shut my missed signal alarm off because it was going off too much and making me craaaazy.

I was somewhat forced to xdrip so I could use my fitbit versa watch to see my blood sugar readings.  I chose Versa because it was just about the only Android compatible watch small enough for my tiny wrist.  I contacted the developer who made the Glance watchface to ask him if he was working towards a Glance watchface that used Dexcom as its data source instead of xdrip/nightscout/spike.  He replied, which I was really excited about, and told me yes, he was working on it and offered to let me be one of the people testing it out and report any issues.  I was incredibly happy because xdrip+ was wearing my patience very thin, as well all know t1d is frustrating enough as it is!

So I am testing out the Glance watchface for my own personal diabetes and loving it but missing the xdrip predictions almost as much. The Glance developer hopes to have it released in January.

I am really considering doing a nightscout website so I can go back to the awesome predictions and have the info on my watchface also...but first I have to figure out how to have enough peace and quiet from 2 kids and 2 very very rambunctious big dogs who are obsessed with having wrestling matches.

So just so you all know an easier Versa watchface is very close and you can keep using the Dexcom G6 official app!!

I love my Versa, as I love how it tracks my heart rate, sleeping, my strength training, steps and it is actually helping me stay on track with all of that and I have lowered my body fat a little bit more while still gaining muscle! I enjoy seeing how much sleep I actually got and then I know why I am so tired somedays.

So now I have to go back to manually restarting my sensors before they expire, which shouldnt be an issue since I had it down before I switched to xdrip.  Xdrip+ restarts your sensor on its own.

Keep up the good fight my fellow warriors!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Insulin quality control sucks!

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For the first time ever since my t1d diagnosis in 2000 I had a bottle of insulin lose potency.

All damn day yesterday I battled my blood sugar. I took corrections via pump, a syringe and insulin bottle. I could keep it hovering around 300 but not get it any lower.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

12 hour battle to get a newly inserted sensor that failed to work!

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#Diabetes #Dexcom #TandemDiabetes #Type1Diabetes #dsma #xdrip+

I've had a 12 hour battle with my new dexcom sensor, first it said I was 53 for hours, (at 10pm) then I calibrated because it almost tipped the insanity scale.  It kept asking for a calibration every 15 fricken minutes and then it FAILED, of course!  Ahhhh!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

So I switched back to xdrip+

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#Diabetes #Dexcom #TandemDiabetes #Type1Diabetes #dsma #xdrip+

So I decided to switch back to xdrip+ for a few different reasons.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Restart Dexcom G6 sensor on just your phone

How to restart your G6 sensor with just your phone and no x2 pump.

1. Phone alarms for 6 hours left on the sensor.

2. Go to the picture folder I keep on my phone for the current sensor code or wherever you have yours written down.

Groundbreaking Research to Cure Diabetes

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"For years, researchers have been working on ways to better manage diabetes and possibly even cure it.