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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Memorial letter about my dear friend Mandy.

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My memorial letter about Mandy: 

My name is Megan Druien, I am also a Type 1 Diabetic Warrior.  I met Mandy many years ago around 2008 or 2009 over email when I first went on my insulin pump and was having a lot of trouble adjusting to wearing it all the time.  Mandy’s Aunt Debbie suggested that I email her niece to see if she could offer me some advice.  Debbie told me what she did for a living and I was like, wow, I am not sure I can email someone with such an impressive title!  She was incredibly generous and helpful to me and did not really know me at all.  We kept in touch and emailed each other back and forth after that.  She was another person with type 1 Diabetes that I could talk to about the daily struggles it comes along with.

Fast forward a few years and we were both on facebook and I sent her a friend request right away!  I was part of this wonderful Diabetic support group for Moms, I told her about it and of course she wanted to be added to the group.  We are a tight nit group of women who lean on each other for support and advice.  We all love each other like family.  All of them would be here today if they didn’t live so far away. They have asked me to send their love and to let you know they wish they could be here today.  Mandy was a great addition to the group and even helped several of the ladies with their children when they started having seizures or other neurological problems.  She was always so generous with her time and more than willing to share her knowledge.  She made friends with all of the members in that group and the other groups we were in together right off the bat.  She even went out of her way to help transition other people with Type 1 into a different diet to manage their Diabetes. 

Mandy was a Warrior, she fought Diabetes better than most while managing a very demanding career, two children and a husband who she loves dearly.  She would help everyone and anyone in the support groups she was in.  She was so very humble and did not want any extra praise, even though in her career she saved many babies, she never asked for attention for the amazing things she accomplished.  

I want you to know how much Mandy means to the online Diabetic community because it is so very important for you all to know how deeply she will be missed by them and me.  She was a great friend to all of us and has changed many of us with type 1 forever for the better.  

She has touched so many lives as the Pray4Mandy page and its 6000 plus followers have proven. I will continue to be an advocate for Type 1 and I will fight even harder for Mandy.

Mandy is an amazing woman, wife, mother and Doctor. She has changed the world for better and I wish she was here to see the difference her life has made and to know just how many people really love and care for her even if they never really met her.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Finally picked up two new glucagon emergency kits.

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Finally picked up my 2 glucagon kits and 57.00 later I feel much better having unexpired glucagon. Glucagon, for those who don't know, is something anyone who takes insulin should have on hand. It is used in the event I should pass out from low blood sugar and/or start seizing. If you know me or are my friend or know someone else who uses insulin, please do us both a favor and learn how its used.  I carry a glucagon kit in my purse. Someone you love just might need you to save their life some day. Its up to you to learn how to use it in advance.


Android app


Apple app


I also wear a medic alert bracelet every single day from www.roadid.com with the medic alert symbol add on band on the side.

Are you on insulin and if you are do you have a glucagon kit? 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Where do you store your Glucagon Emergency Kit?

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Have you gotten your Glucagon prescription yet?  Do you know where your glucagon is?  Tell me where do you store your Glucagon and have you told everyone where it is at?

I realized mine were all expired, so I got a new prescription.  I keep all my old kits though, just in case.

I keep one on my husband's bedside table, one in my purse and one in my kitchen cabinet with our vitamins, my in use pump supply boxes, pain meds etc etc. 

Where do you keep yours?

Some benefits of wearing a CGM on your body 365/24/7

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I wear a Dexcom CGM or continuous glucose monitor.  I chose Dexcom because their accuracy is the best for me and the range/distance of the sensor transmission is the best available. I am asked this question quite often so I will list some pros and cons for me.

  1. I know what my blood sugar is or is near at all times of the day and night
  2. I can drive my vehicle without as much worry about going low suddenly
  3. I can sleep much better knowing that my Dexcom should catch my lows
  4. I can react to a high or low much sooner and take corrective actions
  5. I know what the food I eat does to my blood sugar and how quickly it affects me
  6. Dexcom makes me much more responsible for the blood sugar readings and helps me to say  no to foods I know I just cannot conquer
  7. I can wear it for longer than 7 days and just keep restarting it 
  8. It gives me much more confidence living with t1d because I can look at my Dexcom and see where my blood sugar is trending.

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