Road ID. I wear one daily for my safety with Type 1 Diabetes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The announcement I keep forgetting to announce!

So I keep forgetting to announce on my blog that we are expecting baby #2 in October!   We are very excited yet apprehensive as adding another child is a bit scary, but not as scary as going for the first!

My diabetes has been fairly easy to manage, it is still Diabetes, but so far my its been like my first experience being pregnant and my blood sugars are easier to maintain.  The leg swelling has started and I have already had to give in to wearing compression stockings, they are fabulous you should try them!  They look really quite ridiculous but man oh man do they feel good to wear to keep the swelling/skin stretching/heavy leg feelings away! The other day my right leg felt like it weighed 50 pounds because I forgot my stockings at home.  

We are trying to avoid preecclampsia this time around and my OB has me taking a baby aspirin daily.  My blood pressure has been steady at its normal low numbers so far and my baseline 24 hour urine collection was normal.  Taking an aspirin daily has made me bruise more than I have in my entire life which is kind of crazy considering before I could whack myself pretty hard and not get a mark. (I am a wall and corner grazer) I also have this whirrling noise in my right ear all the time from it, but it is all worth it to avoid pre-e again.

My sciatic nerve pain came back with a vengeance at about 6 weeks, which I was hoping it could wait a bit longer but it did not.  I am forever grateful for my mother in law, she gave me foam roller because it was too hard for her and it has literally been my saving grace.  I LOVE my foam roller.  It helps the pain tremendously.  I think the one on the link is the exact one I have at home.  You literally roll on the floor over top of it on your back or wherever your pain is.  I sit on this and roll over the sciatic nerve that hurts, and boy does it hurt like hell to do this, but after you put the pressure on the painful spots until it hurts less you eventually feel a lot better.  Last pregnancy I was at the chiro office 1 or 2 times a week.  This thing has saved me hundreds of dollars!  It has also helped me a lot with my scoliosis back pain even before I was pregnant.

This time around I have stomach muscle separation which is kind of crazy looking and painful.  I'm hoping they don't separate much more since it is already a 1.5 inch gap around my belly button.  It kind of feels like my uterus is going to pop out of my stomach.  My skin doesnt really hurt or itch like the first time around, so that a plus.  Just another one of the joys of pregnancy and the toll it can take on a mother to bring another miracle baby into our family.

We are grateful for today's technology and the fact that with type 1 Diabetes I can bring children into our lives and not have many of the fears that women had just a few short decades ago about having children. 

20 weeks pregnant, regular jeans and just an extra size bigger shirt!

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The dreaded ??? readings on Dexcom.

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Restarted my Dexcom sensor this morning, I think for only the third time (wink wink) and today most of the day I have the dreaded ??? readings.  DARRRRNNNNN it. I will have to get out a new one after work.  Three or four weeks is what I typically get out of one Dexcom sensor, I know that is nothing to complain about!  I just hate when they finally conk out because of how much they cost. 

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Pump sites and healing them faster

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Recently in a support group I am in the topic of insulin pump sites and healing came up.  A few ideas were shared and I just wanted to share what I use, for a non-medicated approach.

After my friend told me about Bio Oil and finally trying it, I was sold. I really like it, it absorbs quickly with no oily residue. For me it helps heal my site faster with less scaring. As far as scaring goes, I know all about it. Everything leaves a scar on my skin, including every single pump site. I have a map on my skin of previous sites. The bio oil helps them heal much faster and the scars fade quicker.

I also use shea butter. I just use the Keri brand mostly but Bath and Body Works has or had great scents in their body butter lines which has shea butter in it. The keri brand is a bit greasy so I only wear it at night but the Bath and Body Works one could be worn anytime for me anyway, maybe not hot summer days though. Itll make you sweat and then your slimy. Yuck.

I try not to use steroid creams or antibiotic creams, as long term use of any of those isnt good. Steroid creams will thin your skin and antibiotic creams can give you dermatits and set you up for antibiotic resistant infections.

I hope this helps someone else out there.

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Diabetes Blog Week - Message Monday


Diabetes Blog Week Day 1 topic: Message Monday:  Lets kick off the week by talking about why we are here, in the diabetes blog space. What is the most important diabetes awareness message to you? Why is that message important for you, and what are you trying to accomplish by sharing it on your blog?

Want to join Blog Week?  Check it out here:

I started my blog in 2013 for the most part, I posted just a few things in 2012, but its not worth talking about.  Most of my Diabetic life I had not known anyone with type 1 Diabetes, other than my 2 brothers and some family members, and wasn't in any support groups and I wasn't comfortable asking the people I knew some of the personal questions I had.  I felt alone and misguided.  Most of my Diabetic Career before I met the medical team I have now was full of bad information and almost no guidance.  After I found my awesome CDE (Calli) and how completely fabulous she was, I felt inspired to help others, as she helped me so much. 

I joined some facebook support groups, saw how many other people we also getting bad medical advice and then I found other Diabetic Bloggers.  I knew and saw how many people were also lost and felt alone in their daily life with Diabetes.  Many people I know in my area or live in my area, I actually insisted that they too go see Calli, because of her great understanding of Diabetes.

Then one day the idea of starting a blog came to my mind and overnight I thought of the name I am a type 1 Diabetic Warrior, differentiating my type because of all the misinformation about Diabetes and the fact that there are two types.

I blog to share my life and trials and tribulations with type 1 Diabetes because so many of us out there feel so very alone because it is basically a hidden disease until issues or complications arise. 

There typically isn't much if any support from fellow family members and friends as with any disease that is not visible to the outside world.  You have to seek support from the community of people who are also living with the same disease as you are.  You have to learn how to cope with the general public's misguided comments and information, which can be very hard at times and can hurt quite a lot. 

I also blog to share the low carb lifestyle I decided to begin in April 2015.  It has changed my life and the ease of managing my disease and how much healthier I feel.  It is also a very hard pill for most people in your life to swallow and you get a lot of push back, which in turns makes it even harder to stay on track.  It can be done, it just takes more time and being on the receiving end of more insensitive comments.  The longer I stay on the low carb track, sharing really good recipes and people saying how much they like the food keeps me motivated and I have actually helped to inspire a few people I know to try low carb or do more low carb food, which makes me so incredibly happy. 

All I want to do is help people live with Diabetes and live as healthy as they can.  It brings me great joy to have someone come up to me and tell me they tried this or that recipe or they went to see Calli or Teresa and they loved her and/or they decided to go on an insulin pump or CGM.  It makes my heart so happy to know I helped put them in the right direction.  So to all you who have told me I helped you, I am forever grateful that I could help you, just by being another person with Diabetes and sharing my story and my experiences over and over and over again.

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Medicare Told to Cover CGMs in Ruling

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Medicare Told to Cover CGMs in Ruling

 This could be a huge decision for Medicare coverage of CGM technology. We NEED Medicare to cover CGM's for people with Diabetes!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016