Road ID. I wear one daily for my safety with Type 1 Diabetes

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Land of Lincoln Health insurance denied my claim

So my claim to have my insulin covered at the preferred copay was denied yesterday.  Five long months of calling, getting told incorrect information, getting one denial without them even so much as calling my Endo, and now finally just a flat out denial.  Nope sorry they wont cover the only fast acting insulin on their drug list that I am not allergic to so I have to pay the highest tier copay for my insulin. Insulin that I have to take every day to survive.  I can't just skip it.

Thank you Land of Lincoln Health insurance.

I am now going to appeal to the Illinois State Health board or whatever it is officially called.  My insurance broker told me they have to act within 30 days so that will be nice vs the FIVE months it has taken me to get this far.  Jeesh.

#DBlogWeek - Diabetes Blog Week - Continuing Connections

I met this blogger in the TypeOneGrit or the Diabetics for "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution" (I forgot which one) facebook group- dedicated to following Dr. Bernstein and his rules for managing Diabetes.

Amber offered me her support and guidance right off the bat and pointed me to her blog.  She is reversing her nerve damage from Diabetes and was a huge inspiration to me to keep on trucking and keep following the No Grain, No Starch, No Sugar, No Fruit way of managing my Diabetes.  Reversing nerve damage caused from Diabetes is an amazing feat and some doctors will go as far as telling you it is impossible.  It is possible if you can obtain stable blood sugars at the same level as those without Diabetes.

My blood sugars have NEVER been better and NEVER been as STABLE as they are now.  I even grocery shopped last night with my 2 year old ALONE at a BG of 80-90 and I never went LOW.  For me, this is freaking IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish.  I go low shopping and that was just normal for me.

#DBlogWeek - Diabetes Blog Week - Favorites and Motivations

(Again sorry this is late)

Im not sure I have a favorite blog post that I have ever written but I know I have a blog post that has seemed to have helped a lot of people.  

This post: Diabetic Warrior Dexcom and Opsite Flexifix tutorial Has seemed to  have helped many people as I get told over and over again how helpful it was and for me this tape is the best stuff ever made.

I am somewhat sensitive to adhesives, almost all of them give me a rash of some description.  If I wear a band aid for more than one day I get an awesome red rash.

#DBlogWeek - Diabetes Blog Week - Food for Friday

(Posting this late as the end of the week and this past weekend was a bit insane)

Ok this is going to be an interesting post.  Especially since I have gone super low carb.

I will go with yesterday since I haven't eaten supper yet today!

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Road ID. I wear one daily for my safety with Type 1 Diabetes