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Friday, December 15, 2017

Yet another label in my medical file....

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I was just diagnosed with Intersitital cystitis an incurable bladder disease.  Have any of you tried Elmiron to repair the lining of their bladder?  I have a bladder scope on dec 26th to look at my bladder and see why its bleeding. 

I am feeling pretty defeated over this.  I have yet another broken organ and its an incurable disease. Its been causing me a lot of pain and I pretty much just have the rest of my life to deal with this and yet another thing for a nursing home to someday just really eff up.  Don't even start me on how screwed anyone with Type 1 Diabetes is when they go to a nursing home.

I just took my first dose of Elmiron today and the top side effect...drumroll.....is.....HAIRLOSS. GREAT!!!!  I take it 3 times a day and I have a month rx with 11 refills....ugh that sounds great. More drugs, more labels, I am having such a hard time with this.  Hopefully my frickin hair dose not fall out, it is all starting to come back in now from my pregnancy a year ago!

Oh and the kicker, decaf and regular coffee and tea make it worse and alcohol.....yep I drink coffee, tea and have some wine at night on occassion....Like for real if I was a horse they would of put me down by now hahaha!!

I feel like I won the shitty health lottery but I didn't sign up for it.  Type 1 Diabetes, a thryoid that likes to go haywire every few years, IBS-C, reduntant colon, migraines, pregnancy induced remaining sciatic nerve pain, scoliosis, spinal arthritis...jeeze am I 70, my medical chart sure looks like I am?! AHHH! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dexcom has submitted to FDA for G6!!

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FINALLY @Dexcom is going to have predictive alerts!! Xdrip+ has had them for a while, so Im glad theyre finally catching up!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My t:slim X2 review after wearing it for a month now and why I still choose Dexcom

My pump warranty went out and so I began the battle with insurance to get a new insulin pump.  The insurance approval mumbo jumbo took a month once again, but Tandem, being the awesome company they are offered me a loaner if mine decided to croak in the mean time.  I did not have any issues while waiting thankfully. 

So I got my X2 and of course I started it up right away and had the tedious job of transferring all my settings over to the new pump.  I am a woman so I have the joy of needing different profiles for different times of the month.  Men be very thankful your hormones don't shift around during the month.

I got it up and running and it kept losing the Dexcom signal.  I asked questions in the Tandem Facebook group and tried a few suggestions like, make sure the screen is face out, put it on the same side of your body as the sensor.  Nothing worked.  I finally called Tandem.

The power of prayer is amazing but it will not cure those of us with Type 1 Diabetes.

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  My friend Sarah posted this today and it struck a nerve with me because I too have heard and been told this.  People have actually let their child die by stopping insulin.  Type 1 Diabetes so far as I know has never been cured by prayer.  Her post said exactly what people need to hear. 

Sarah writes:

I just have to mention something that has already been said to me 2x this month. Something that is said to T1 diabetics and parents of T1 diabetics all the time.

God can heal you! You should be healed or other stuff like this.

I went to a Christian school in High School and to a Christian University. I have many friends still in these circles and it is important to get this message out.


How in the world do you think this is helping us with a Chronic condition in any way?  If anything these pressures and scriptures are dangerous to those who have tried.

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