Road ID. I wear one daily for my safety with Type 1 Diabetes

Thursday, September 3, 2015

In case you live in a cave and have not heard that Dexcom G5 was FDA approved!

The Dexcom G5 got FDA approval last week!  That is really fantastic news IFFFF you use an iPhone.  I do not and I am not paying to upgrade to the new receiver or buy another transmitter since I just got one last month and was 15 days past being able to return it for refund.  Figures. My middle name is and always will be, a day late and a dollar short. So goes my luck.

So I will wait until December to get the share receiver under insurance coverage and then wait for the G5 to be Android compatible next year. I have been an Android user for 4 years now so I dont plan on switching any time soon.

You can read about it here: and submit your request to get one!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My first time ever

Today is the first time I have ever made bread from stratch and its wheat free to boot!
A fellow lchf type one grit group member shared this super simple wheat free bliss bread recipe with me and ive been really delayed in making it.

Im home with a sick kid so while she is napping I bit the bullet.

The dough is incredible, with no wheat or gluten it tastes just exactly like real bread and has the same texture. Its still in the oven, Im standing here waiting for it to get done.  I would always sneak hunks of bread dough when my mom cooked bread, its just so freakn good!

Toast. I want toast. Badly. I miss toast. I miss bread. Since Im Dutch and German I think the addiction to bread is in my genetics. I havent had bread in months, ok a bite here and there, but not a lot because my blood sugar goes right up to 250-300 almost as soon as its in my mouth!

4 minutes left. I will be back to let you know how wonderful it is. It looks wonderful baking!

The bread is pretty good, my loaf shrunk after it cooled so next time I think I will try to make rolls or bread sticks out of it since I cannot find any deli meat anywhere around me without any sugar in it I wont be eating sandwiches any time soon. I need a smaller loaf pan as well to help force the bread upward or I might try a double batch too.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Sugar sugar EVERYWHERE

The longer I eat low carb - no grains, no starch, no sugar --  the more I am disgusted at what these food manufacturers have done to the American public.  READ labels--- everything has SUGAR in it.  Dextrose, maltodextrin, CORN SYRUP, etc is just insane.  Why do we need to have sweetened meat products in this country?! WHY?  I cant find any pepperoni, beef, turkey or ham ANYWHERE that hasnt been processed with sugar or corn of some form. 

I give up!

Can anyone point me in a direction where to get some freaking sugar/grain less meat products? Even the grocery story deli department meat you get sliced has freaking SUGAR in it!

AHHHH, eveyone is going to get freaking Diabetes of some damn form if they dont stop cramming sugar into every freaking food item. 

Land of Lincoln Health insurance and why you should never buy a plan from them....

7 months of fighting to get a claim corrected.   I am getting billed 75 instead of 20 and now the doctors office is charging me interest even though my insurance has called them several times stating that they owe the difference not me.  It's been reprocessed several times and it is still not correct.  Each reprocess takes them over 30 days. 

8 months of fighting to have the only fast acting insulin I can take approved at the preferred copay level because I am allergic to Novolog.   Then they finally denied my claim after calling them for 8 months.  So now I pay 75/month for insulin instead of the lowest tier of 30.00

Every single time I call to inquire on a claim or my benefits I am on hold for over 15 minutes.  That's right 15 minutes.  Insanity.  THEN typically whoever I get on the phone cannot answer my question so they put me on hold again for at least 10-20 minutes to investigate my question.  This is freaking ridiculous! I am currently on hold with them now, which inspired me to write this wonderful statement about Land of Lincoln Health insurance.  Going on 20 minutes on hold now.  WHAT in the world!?

30-60 days to process every single claim, which I guess it typical but when you are coming from Blue Cross Blue Shield and a claim is processed in 7-14 days you get spoiled I suppose.

22 minutes on hold now.  I am losing my sanity here and the on hold music should be a form of torture.

45 minutes, hung up called back and now on hold again for 20 minutes.  This is really really out of control.  Let me leave a message or something.....AHHHHH.

Update: So after being on hold for over an hour I called my insurance broker to get an answer for me.  Then in the mean time I messaged them via their Facebook page and BAM I got an answer and a message that someone would be calling me.  An hour or so later I got a call from one of their agents that has helped me in the past and she said she would be getting my daughters claim from JANUARY reprocessed today.  So I wont hold my breathe but I do hope she gets it fixed. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Road ID for your Fitbit? What? No way!

Just got this in my email today!  I would be way more excited if I had a phone that worked with Fitbit, which is the only reason I dont have one yet.  BUT I love my Road ID and wear it every single day of my life! 

(insert sad face)

Road ID for Fitbit®. Say Goodbye to that extra tanline.Fitness tracking just got some peace of mind and your wrist a little less crowded. Introducing the Road ID for Fitbit Flex® and Road ID for Fitbit Charge™.  Order Yours

16 weeks

I am 16 weeks into my lifestyle change of low carb high fat (lchf) eating no grains, no starch, no real sugar and no fruit (I eat limited fruit).  My A1C in April was 8.0% and this month it is down to 6.9%!  Four months and I am down 1% and my goal is to go to 6.0% by December but hopefully sooner.  The month after my grandmother's passing was rough and I ate a lot of carbs. My A1C isn't where I want it to be but it is the best it has ever been while not pregnant. 

Finding new things to cook seems to be the biggest hurdle but that hurdle is very much worth the effort.  My weight has never been easier to maintain and I am NOT hungry all the time like I was before when I was eating more carbs.  My husband and I are much healthier and feel much better that we did when we would eat food out of a prepackaged box/bag/frozen dinner.  Now that we are eating better and I know there are no chemicals or additives in the food we are eating, I just dont see how I could ever go back without feeling immense guilt and guilt about feeding my 2 year old junk food. My husband even ran a 5k all terrain run last weekend with minimal training ahead of time and did it in 22 minutes!  He attributes his quick time and ease of running to our healthier way of eating now!

Going out to eat can be challenging, I have so far mostly stuck with salads of all kinds... aaaaand steak, gotta love steak. 

My number one tip to staying on track is support.  You gotta find a group or facebook group that follows this diet and ask for help/support/tips/recipes.  Like today a wonderful woman I met in the typeonegrit group shared a bread recipe with me!  I will gladly share it with you all!  I am missing bread something fierce so I am going to try this recipe as soon as I get time!

The breadsticks I posted the other day are AWESOME and I am going to try it as pizza crust next with no garlic.  

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