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Monday, May 1, 2017

Please contact Congress to not allow states to decide about pre existing coverage.

Please dont pass by this, please go to this link and fill in your information telling congress to not allow states to choose if they cover pre existing health conditions for health insurance coverage.  If our "government" allows this to happen millions of people will lose the ability to pay for health insurance at all. People like me with type 1 diabetes will see huge premiums once again. Before the ACA I paid $10,000/yr for just myself to have health insurance. Half of my income went to health insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles.   This cannot happen again. You think health ins costs a lot now, just wait until everyone goes to the E.R. for care instead because they cannot turn them away and then they cant afford the bill so they dont pay it. The cost of health care will just skyrocket if this is allowed to happen. Thousands of people will die because they cannot afford health care. Is this America?  Why do we not care for the   ill, instead turn our backs and say "not my problem"?


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