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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blood glucometers inaccuracy and my Dexcom CGM....

I hate the fact that blood glucose monitors are allowed to be so inaccurate. I just got a whacky reading of 171, thought hmm thats odd, rechecked...140. How the heck am I suppose to gain any stable control when a correction for 171 would have made me go low when I was really 140. I always feel weird around 140-150 and can never tell if I am high, low or ok. I have felt low at 150 several times, corrected and shot straight to the upper 200's so I always check now. Also I cannot sleep (hot, sweaty and uncomfortable) if my blood sugar is over 150, anyone else like that? I guess it is a good thing because my body it trying to tell me, hey you...check your dang blood sugar.  My average on my meter for 30 days is back down to 138 and I am so excited, hoping to get that number to 120. I am still horrified to get down to an A1C of 6.0% but I will sure try. With my Dexcom I can interrupt a low in progress, I LOVE that.  I absolutely LOVE my DEXCOM CGM, without it I would feel like a blind person trying to walk through a forest now that I have had it for two months.  I also love my Dexcom because I have had the same sensor on for 15 days and it is still accurate, go figure.  I have only used four sensors since the last week of December and I have 8 left.  Thanks to Smith & Nephew Opsite Flexfix I have the capability to wear one that many days and this tape is the sh*t!!  It flexes with movement, it doesnt pull on your skin, and holy smokes when I go to pull it off after 15 days I am amazed at how hard it is stuck to me!!  It also doesn't retain moisture and it dries fast after showers.  It's just the most amazing tape I have ever used!  Thank you to that woman who wrote that blog about her son's terrible allergy to the Dexcom adhesive, that is the only reason I got the Flexfix!  I was having terrible allergy issues with SkinTac wipes and was about to go out of my mind itching.  I no longer use that junk for anything, thank God.   

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