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Monday, December 2, 2013


6950 page views since August 5th.  Holy smokes, thats crazy.  I hope I have helped someone some where.

Last week I helped another type 1 by showing them the Levemir prescription assistance program.  This made me feel great, I helped another Diabetic. 

Last week another friend went on the Dexcom because of me yapping about it all the time.

Last week I think I helped re-inspire a type 1 to use their new G4 Dexcom because it is so much better than the sevenplus. 

Last week a fellow type 1 in my facebook group told me that I inspired them, this was pretty cool.  I dont hear that all that much, well never really.

Joining twitter was probably the best decision I have made in a long time, there are a TON of Diabetics on there, in case you didnt know, and they have weekly chats to help us keep each other inspired.

Diabetes takes a TON of self inspiration.  It is a long arduous path, its hard and it never lets up.

I had an eat the fridge low last night, well my husband was there to help me stop thank GOD!  I had 2 juice boxes, a bite of banana and a roll of ritz crackers.  Yeah, AWESOME accomplishment.  Jeeze, DEXTER (dexcom) woke me up screaming I was 250.  Grand.  

Anyways onward to my paperwork mountain at work.

Oh and I had my thyroid scan today.  Its looking like thyroiditis.  Anyone here with experience with that and treatment please message me.  I was really expecting Graves disease again for the third time.  I hope to have exact dx by Friday and GET MEDS!! I am going to be bald soon if my hair doesnt stop falling out!!! 

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