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Friday, February 28, 2014

Eat the fridge low, feeding frenzy, zero will power, eat all food low

Eat the fridge lows make you think or feel like if you dont eat a million carbs in a matter of a few minutes you might die. They make you feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest all while you melt into a puddle of sweat on the floor. 

Yep I had one of those last night because apparently I was so tired I didnt hear my Dexcom vibrating in my ear under my pillow until the low 55 alarm went off. A lot of people complain about that 55 alarm but not me. It saved my butt last night. 

It started alarming and I jumped up grabbed it to slience it before it woke our one year old and looked at it with total disbelief. 55? What, Im not 55. Oh wait as I sit there I start to feel like crap. Oh crap I am really low. 

So I do what every sugar seeking low blood sugar type one diabetic does, I went downstairs to get food in the kitchen.  Its not smart to go downstairs when low, but many of us with two story homes do it. Just ask someone you know.

So I proceeded to eat a juice box, 5 or 6 peeps bunnies, a couple of bowls of cinnamon toast crunch ( but a healthier version from Hyvee), some milk, some more milk and then my brain turns back on and I think, oh shit, I just ate like 300 carbs. Yep this rebound is going to suck.

I went back upstairs and then of course got the low blood sugar sweat freezing me to death and there is just something about a low that low for me, I'm just like an ice cube that won't thaw. So I'm all covered up with my head under the blankets just freezing. Of course I forgot to set a delayed bolus on my pump for those 300 carbs and while warming up I fall asleep. 


Wake up at 3 am to my dexcom alarming Im high. Yepppppp really high. So I take a correction and go back to sleep. I wake up still high. 325. Headache from hell. 

I haven't had an eat the fridge low in many months and I was rudely reminded how much fun they are.  My bg is down now but I skipped breakfast. How I am hungry right now I don't know since I age 2000 calories at midnight. Stupid Diabetes. This is why during normal meals I try to eat very little or all these lows would have me gaining 5 pounds a week. 

Being super sensitive to insulin isnt always such a great thing.  I can go low at the drop of a hat from doing the smallest of things.  Thank God for my insulin pump because it has made my lows so much less frequent and easier to manage.

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