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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Insurance, what a freakin joke

I cannot, canNOT resist the urge to write about this.  It is literally going to make me explode otherwise.

So if you use an in network doctors office, facility, hospital WHAT the hell ever, your insurance automatically knocks the price down to what that facility has negotiated to charge, right, RIGHT.

So my insurance knocked a lab bill of mine from 423.00 to 207.27 thats great RIGHT? WRONG.  If I had no insurance that facility I went to would knock 68% OFF the bill. SIXTY EIGHT PERCENT! 

That would have made MY portion $135.36.  Wait a second.

So I called the facility back and asked WHY in God's green earth if I was UNINSURED and LESS likely to pay my bill would I get a better effing discount than what I PAY when I have insurance coverage that I PAY for? 

She said they are not allowed to give me any other discounts after my insurance pays for their portion of the bill. 

Did you read that right?  I HAVE insurance coverage that I PAY FOR out of my pocket, ok....do you follow?  If I was uninsured I would have to PAY LESS money for the lab bills. 

I am so freaking stunned, irate, flabergasted all in one moment.  I want to puke.  Thats a $70.00 difference in this one bill.  My other labs this year would been 20% less if I was UNinsured. What a JOKE.  They said they legally have to charge it to my insurance if I have insurance, they cant just let me pay the discounted price.  WHAT THE HELL? 

I am so freaking ticked off right now.  I am so freaking ticked off at people who work the system and screw the system.   We (working married, tax paying, insurance premium paying citizens) (NOT PEOPLE WHO GET FREE STATE HEALTH CARE) are the ones getting screwed in case you have yet to figure that out. We pay 100%  our daughters health insurance premiums out of our pocket, no government assistance programs here. 

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