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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tandem Diabetes you rock!

So a few days or weeks or whatever ago, I posted about my t:slim pump and my inability to get my reservoir to go past 3 days.  Someone from Tandem must have seen my post, they called me!  THEY CALLED ME! Oh my gosh, so I explained my situation and they of course told me it why I shouldn't go past 3 days, which I knew, but unfortunately that doesn't help me pay for the supplies.  I am also considering switching to Novolog.  I think I have one bottle of Humalog left.  I suppose I should call my Endo to get the RX called into the pharmacy.  Yeah that would be smart if I had a second of brain power to remember that. 

ANYWAY, Tandem Diabetes is sending me a box of reservoirs to help me out!? Yeah you read that right, they are sending me a box, FREE, because I am too cheap/have too many expenses with Diabetes to afford or want to order more supplies.  Bravo to Tandem for helping me out, I really appreciate it and am really shocked they are going to send me a box free. FREE!  Who does that?  Tandem Diabetes Care does!

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