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Monday, February 15, 2016

12 days

It took me 12 days to get SOMEONE at Byrum Healthcare to work on getting me a return label for the order of pump supplies they decided to send me without my authorization or even knowing.

I asked for a benefits investigation for pricing and BAM 2 days later a 3 month supply order worth $428.00 sitting on my porch. I called Byrum the next day and said woah guys what is this?  I never authorized you to mail me this and I never EVER have it mailed to my house to sit outside way out in the boonies.  They told me it would be about 2 weeks for  me to get a return label.  I said that was insane! 

I finally had to call my health insurance company and have them call Byrum to get them to say they will email me a return label in 24-48 hours.  Now lets see how long it takes to get that return label emailed to me.  Yeesh.

Im pretty sure I will order with Edgepark, who I have ordered with before and the pricing is the same as Byrum.   They don't just mail me supplies on a whim. What an ordeal.

Do you have any experience with a supply company mailing you orders without authorizing it with you first?  In 8 years this is the first experience for me.  Its not the end of the world by any means but I can't have that much money just sitting out on my porch and not to mention my ability to pay for that big of an order in one shot.  I always order 1 month of supplies at a time every year until after I hit my deductible.

On a positive note my new health insurance does Pre-Auths for up to 5 year!  So my Dexcom stuff and test strips are pre-authorized for FIVE years!  That just boggles my mind!  I didn't even know insurance companies did that.

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  1. thanks for sharing your story - while difficult for the company to hear I'm sure, posts like this help make suppliers better. Healthy Living Medical Supply only sends out orders with patient consent, which makes the member happy, the insurance company happy, and ensures we have the right address on file which makes us happy too :) Thanks, too, for the news of 5 year authorizations - I hope more plans move to that model as it is a HUGE benefit to the patient experience. Good luck with your new supplier!


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