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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I hate you Diabetes

Right now I am mad, I am so damn mad, why is there still no cure for type 1 Diabetes? How many more people have to die?  The treatment is still the same as 100 years ago, insulin injections, unpredictable stupid ass freaking insulin injections/pump/whatever.  I hate this stupid DAMNED disease.  I hate how it gets under my skin and makes me so scared at times, I hate how I have to worry about going low alone having a seizure and possibly dying.  I hate worrying Ill go low and my child will find me dead.  I hate worrying about my brothers with t1d, my friends, my family members all living with this stupid damned disease. I hate the terribly mean comments I am subjected to because I have Type 1 Diabetes, I hate the shitty things people say about food giving people Diabetes, I hate that it played a major role in ripping my grandpa away at a young age, I was 7, he was my father figure for the first 4 years of my life, it ripped Mandy away, it takes childrens lives and what do we have to treat it?  Still just insulin, crappy ass unpredictable insulin.  Im mad, Im just really freaking mad.  I know there are worse things out there, I get that, but I live with this stupid ass disease so I have the right to be mad and to vent my feelings.  Can we get a freaking cure yet? Or at least a better treatment? I know things are coming but damn it all to hell its just too damn late.  

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  1. Keep hating it. in my life I have only ever gotten in trouble when I stopped hating it. Yes I live with it, like a rock in my shoe. It is something I have grown to truly hate.


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