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T:slim & Dexcom what are they?


You might have read about me talking about my Dexcom.  Dexcom is a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and it is an amazing little device that has changed my entire life with Diabetes.

It is a very thin wire that reads the electric charge of interstitial fluid in your body fat & it is calibrated by finger sticks (checking your blood sugar via poking it with a needle & putting your blood on a test strip that you have put into your glucose meter). This wire is attached to a plastic part that the sensor transmitter is snapped onto.

 This gray transmitter then sends the data to a receiver that you carry as a separate device.  This receiver reads the data and then displays it on the screen. 

This gray transmitter then sends the data to a receiver that you carry as a separate device.  This receiver reads the data and then displays it on the screen. 

Go to their website

This is what mine looks like on my side. 

Dexcom on my side.

Fingersticks vs. CGM

Dexcom Heroes Page:

Dexcom News:

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Web-Based Education

Dexcom is making CGM education easier for you by having on-line patient education programs. We have interactive web-based education programs available at your fingertips. The goal of these programs are to offer education and training on the Dexcom products, the use of real-time CGM in your daily diabetes management, as well as using CGM software and reports to identify glucose patterns. Click on the link below to review our on-line education programs:

Beginning your journey:  http://www.dexcom.com/sites/dexcom.com/files/dexcom-beginning-your-journey/story.html

Discover your journey:  http://www.dexcom.com/sites/dexcom.com/files/dexcom-discover-your-journey/story.html

 My experience with Dexcom

If you go to the Who is this Warrior tab you can read about why and how the Dexcom has changed my life.

 What is T:SLIM?

 This is the easiest pump to use, everything is easier, less steps and quicker functions.  Changing patterns is easy, adding time slots, everything it just easier and quicker.  I love my t:slim insulin pump so much more than my old Medtronic pump.  I will never switch back to the old way of scrolling forever, trying to change or add time slots. Its just so much more user friendly.

You can also read this: Who is this Warrior?

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Why switch:


Welcome to the First Touch Screen Insulin Pump 


Advanced Technology:


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  1. I have a T:Slim and absolutely love it! I can't wait till I am able to get a Dexcom, hoping this summer will be able to get it!

  2. How do you upload receiver info to computer to monitor trends

  3. The people who are able to track their childs' or their own dexcom are getting the system set up through the Facebook group CGM in the Cloud https://www.facebook.com/groups/cgminthecloud/ The basics are that you have to hook your Dexcom up to a cell phone with a data plan that you pay for and it sends it to this website, that you eventually pay for also and then you can see that data on your computer or cell phone and you can get a pebble watch to have your phone send the data to as well. NONE of this is FDA approved or recommended by Dexcom. Its a system you set up all on your own. Go to the group and check it out, all the details are there and even people who will help you set it up.

  4. Hello
    I love my dex and T:Slim. I am like you about the pain that I get sometime that I get from my dex, I put it in my upper thigh. I get great readings and it lasts a long time there, but sometimes I hit muscle and boy does it hurt.

    Keep up the great work


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