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Friday, June 20, 2014

Bayer Contour Choice Program----YOUR SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!

So AGAIN this month my Bayer Contour Choice program card is NOT WORKING!


So my Walgreen's Pharmacy, who should be considered saints, called these jack wagons AGAIN and asked them WTF is going on?  My card is good until 12/31/2015 so why is it not working?  They told her that SOMETIMES they just cancel cards and dont tell anyone or give explanations?!

REALLY! WHAT THE HELL is that crap about?  I tell countless people about the discount card and now you just cancel mine!?  I have used Bayer test strips for over FOUR YEARS!  They have gotten thousands of dollars from my insurance?!  Then just cancel me for no reason?  That is some really great customer service Bayer! 

Luckily they had some discount cards sitting at my pharmacy and she just used that one and added it to my account. THANK YOU WALGREENS PHARMACY FOR BEING SO AWESOME!

What the freaking heck?  Every single month I go through some sort of bullcrap to get my Diabetic supplies.  I dont understand why it has to be this hard.  My pancreas isnt going to start working again so why do I have to go through this? 

Why?  I think its because all these companies just want us Diabetics to go quietly and accept their denials.  You picked the wrong Diabetic to pick on, THIS one doesn't give up or do anything QUIETLY!  Now you can thank me for blasting your crap service on the internet and hopefully EVERYONE else will fight when you jerks cancel their discount cards!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Bayer!  I would switch strips back to Freestyle in a heart beat if my insurance didn't force me to pay $100 per month for them vs $50 for Bayer.  I pay $15 with this wonderful card that gives me fits every month.

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