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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tandem Diabetes Care customer service ROCKS!

I am the worlds BIGGEST klutz and I walk into wall corners, the edge of my desk, drop things constantly and is the reason I never played any sports in school.  Last week I had the misfortune of dropping my pump onto my bathroom tile floor while I was rehooking it back up after a shower.  Yep, I dropped it smack dab on the glass screen.  The first thing that went across my mind, OHHH crap not on the screen AHHHHHHH.  I didnt even want to look to see what damage had been done.  I picked it up, nothing nada no damage! I couldnt believe it!  I was so happy!  A few days go by and one morning while getting ready to take a bolus I noticed the crack in my screen.  I was so upset, I broke my dang pump.  Even with the screen being cracked it still worked just perfectly.
I called Tandem and told them about it at work last Friday.  They wanted me to peel the screen protector off but I told her I was 100% sure it was the glass and I was very afraid that if I took the cover off that the screen would fall apart in my hands.  Luckily they took my word for it and overnighted me a new pump and I got it on Saturday.

Just wanted to say another huge thanks to Tandem Diabetes for their awesome customer service.  I am on my 3rd pump replacement since August 2013.  This is however the first one I have cracked the screen on. The first one shut down unexpectedly when I plugged it in, the second one the screen started losing pixels and this one I dropped.


  1. Good customer service is hard to find. Tandem is awesome! Glad they took care of you.

    1. Kerri, thanks for the comment! I so love your blog and I try hard to more positive about Diabetes like you, you are an inspiration to me.

  2. I broke my T:Flex pump. The screen was destroyed. Called them and the replacement came in the next day.


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