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Monday, October 12, 2015

If you ever decide to have ingrown toe nail removal surgery done, here is your warning.....graphic images don't open if you can't handle it.

So I have been batteling ingrown toe nails for at least 10 years.  Digging the little fragment of nail out of my toe and clipping it.  My right toe for a least 10 years, the left toe for at least 3-5 and the other side of my right toe for 3-5.

If you have this issue DO NOT WAIT to get it taken care of.  Mine finally got to the point where I was digging way down by the bed of the nail. Almost all the way down.  I figured with me having type 1 Diabetes I shouldnt mess with my feet anymore and some day I probably wont be able to see that stupid little tiny sliver of nail.

I was unaware of the repercussions of my "bathroom sugeries" all the trauma I had been causing to my toes made them build up extra tissue.  Well this tissue has to be removed after they cut your nail off.

I had both my big toes fixed on 10-2-15 and I could finally bear weight on them again on 10-10-15. The pain was terrific and on my drive home Friday after having this procedure done, I thought I was going to have to pull over and puke.

Getting your toes numbed up with lidocaine and whatever else it was, was pretty awesomely painful and feeling that medication go around my toe was pretty crazy.

I watched the whole thing without feeling sick or anything, it was pretty awesome to watch and gross at the same time.  I had the nail deadend on the outsides because I dont want to ever have to go through this crap again.

Gross pictures ahead:

Here is after I got numbed up.  My blood sugar was going low due to the anxiety then as soon as they jabbed that needle in my toe my blood sugar shot up from the pain. 

Here I am ready to walk to my car, not yet in pain.

My blood sugar after the pain kicked in was terrible and would not come down despite my attempts to get it to come down. 

This is the next day after I did the epsom salt soak.  I almost threw up when I saw how gross my toes looked.  My right foot was super swollen and I was completely unprepared for the pain level, the swelling, how gross it looked and how I was unable to bend either toe or put any weight on them, for over a WEEK! Notice all the missing skin on the outside of my right toe.  Yeah pain-freakin-ful.

Here is day 3 on 10-5 after I soaked them and cut off all the nasty white dead skin off my toes.  You have to keep them wrapped and antibiotic ointment on them constantly.  So it is kind of like you toes have gotten all water soaked if you take a really long bath.  Well I cut the skin off it was grossing me out.

 Yuck just gross.  My right toe. Hurt. like. hell.
Left toe.
 10-6 still looks gross.  

My right toe was still unable to bend here and hurt like heck.
10-7 still gross and unable to move my right toe.
10-8 right toe still swollen and unable to bend it down or put weight on it.  Walking on the outsides of your feet for over a week gets to be pretty painful.

10-9  I forgot to take any on 10-8, I was probably just too ticked off from the pain level to remember to take any pictures.
This is how I wrap them up.  I still couldn't walk on them and when putting weight on my toes they would tingle like I was stepping on needles. 

10-12 today.  I forgot to take one of my left toe before I put new ointment on it.  I can finally feel all of my toes and walk on them sort of.  Yesterday my 2 year old accidentally stomped on my right toe so part of the day it hurt pretty badly and I had to limp again because I couldn't let it bend all the way from pain.

I have to keep them covered up with ointment for 2 weeks and then have a recheck.  Also soak in water with epsom salt 2 times daily for 15 mins.

I will keep posting updated pictures.  I go back on October 20th for my check up to be sure I am healing properly.  I believe I am but man has it been a painful ass ride.

Today the pain isnt too bad.  Last night I wanted to chop my feet off, after limping half the day and the pain from walking on the outsides of my feet.

Please leave me your comments.  It helps keep me motivated to blog!  =D 

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