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Thursday, January 5, 2017

I appologize for being away for so long....

I have been M.I.A. for quite a while now.  We now have 2 children, one nearly 4 and the other 3 months old.  They have kept me so busy that I have not really had time to even think about blogging.

Apparently while I was gone my blog has taken off and I am getting a huge number of views!  I was shocked!  Thank you to all of you who have been reading my blog.

I had our second daughter at the end of September.  She was born via repeat c section and very healthy and nearly 10 pounds.  She was 2 weeks early due to my pre ecclampsia getting worse and the baby's heart rate being too high. The c section took me much longer to recover from this time. I was in pain for many weeks longer than the first time.  I also had the awesome chance to experience tremendous trapped intestinal gas pain again (I have a wonderfully slow, too long large intestine) and it took 5 days to get out again.  Intestinal gas pain is so much worse than a c section, hands down.  My surgery healed wonderfully, not even a bruise but the internal pain took long to get better.  I suppose it was because they had to pull an almost 10 pound baby out of my small body.  I was HUGE!  I did not let the hospital keep me 5 days this time around, I left after the mandatory 2 days.  The bill for our first born was very expensive and I did not want to have that happen again. 

My family suffered the tremendous loss of my infant nephew who was born a few days before my daughter.  So even thinking about blogging really didn't cross my mind.  The baby was born many many months early (I don't know if my brother would be ok with me going into much detail so I won't) and tragically he passed a month after he was born.  Being that our babies were so close in age and that is was my brothers son, I became really depressed.  I could not hold my own baby without crying for the loss of my brother and his wife's baby.  Babies should not die, ever.  It's terrible.  My brother and his wife were and still are the strongest parents I have ever seen and were by his side every single day in the NICU.  They, of course, loved him to eternity and the consequences of being a preemie were unfortunately too great to overcome even though he did conquer many many battles and was very very strong.  I had to go on medication to even be capable of holding my daughter without balling my eyes out or even just anything, everyday, I looked at her and cried for my brother and his baby.  I still cry for the terrible loss my brother and his wife have gone through and are still trying to get through.  Life after losing a child has got to be one of the worst things to experience in life I am told by my friends who have lost a baby. 

I have fallen off the low carb wagon due to all the recent events.  I am not as strict as before because unfortunately I just do not have a moment to cook many of the low carbs food I enjoy.

My husband and I are still trying to figure out how to juggle two kids and of course, just like my first born, she is a bit colicky at times, has reflux and so its a bit harder to manage a small farm, dogs, cats, 2 kids and all the stuff that comes along with it.  So at times one of us can do nothing other than hold her. 

I am still eating a lot of low carb things, just cheating a bit on the bread and daily carb amounts.  I am sure I will get back on track but it wont be until I have a baby I can lay down or sit up in something next to me while I cook.

My blood sugars have been a bit of a nightmare, to be totally honest (because honesty is all I am capable of),  Taking care of 2 kids and juggling my Diabetes has also been very difficult.  I will eat and then forget to take my insulin, it happens all the time, you'd think a person could remember that right?  Thank God for my Dexcom or I don't know if I would ever remember to Bolus.

I am contemplating switching to an iPhone when my cell phone plan expires because I am sick and FREAKING tired of waiting for Dexcom to get the dog gone Android app out.  I mean really?  Come on Dexcom!  In June I can get another transmitter so I am thinking of trying the G5.  I am still unsure since the G4 will last an entire year typically.  I am also due for a  new pump in August and I am planning on the newest Tslim pump.  We have new insurance now for 2017 so I will have to start over with all the pre-approval mumbo jumbo.  I am waiting for our cards to arrive to work on that battle. 

I hope you all have been doing well and thank you for continuing to read my blog.  

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