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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dexcom G4 vs G5

So I got another G4 in December because in my experience they last over a year.   My current one is from December 2015.  I am on the fence as to what to do the next time around G4 or G5?  I dont have any Apple products so I am still holding out hope the Android App will get FDA approval this year.  I am also up for a new cell phone in August and a new pump.  UGH this year will be expensive to say the least.

Those of you who have made the switch are you happy?  Anyone make the switch and not use an Apple phone?

I am not sure how much it is worth it to go to G5 and be forced to order new transmitters every 6 months.....

Anyone know if or when Tslim X2 will be a receiver for Dexcom G5? I am planning on getting another pump from Tandem this year.  I just dont like any of the other options, Animas might go under and the delivery speed is too fast.  I dont like Medtronic pumps and how they feel like they can force others out of insurance coverage (UHC).  Plus I HATE Medtronic's CGM.  I will always and FOREVER be a loyal Dexcom user unless something better comes out.

I cannot live without my Dexcom, at all, period.

Let me hear your thoughts and opinions, please! 

Please leave me your comments, it helps keep me motivated!


  1. I'm sticking with the G4. I'm not an Apple user (except for my iPad) and I've seen too many connectivity issues from people with the G5. I can't be without my Dex so I'm not switching. Changing the transmitter every 6 months is a big red flag for me. I get a year out of mine, so it isn't worth the switch.

  2. I have been a type 1 diabetic for ≈41 years. I switched from Precision finger sticks to Dexcom G5 Mobile. It works great & is very accurate, but I've found a few drawbacks.

    1) The surrounding sticky tape that holds the transmitter/sensor in place comes off pretty easy. Now I use Griffgrips (3rd party sticky tape) to hold it in place & it works fine.

    2) Still have to calibrate twice daily.

    3) Can't use any medication with acetaminophen. This usually isn't a problem unless you get a cold. Nyquil/Dayquil

    4) Doesn't yet integrate with any insulin pumps.

    I'm waiting on the Dexcom G6 with full integration with Tandem t:slim x2. Currently I'm using daily injections (6 to 8 times daily) for glucose control.




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