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Friday, May 19, 2017

Trying some new real estate for my insulin pump.

Trying my insulin pump site on my leg again for the first time in over 4 years. My last attempts resulted in a terrific stabbing feeling on my thigh causing me to whip my pants down in a parking lot to rip it out in front of my male cousins! Haha!  It felt like a knife in my thigh muscle.

I am trying outside thigh aka saddlebag area. Lol! I dont have much fat there but more than the front of my thigh where I use to try. I figured if I can wear my dexcom sensor there without any pain, I might as well try it.  I have got to find some new real estate for my pump.  I am sick and tired of using the sides of my hip/butt area and my lovehandle area. Im hoping and praying this works.

Might attempt my calf where I have been wearing my dexcom without "much" pain. The calf/right below my knee dex site will hurt a little for a day or two but then its good. I almost give up every time I use my calf because it is a bit painful but the pain does subside.  I think its just that its a whole new area and my tissue is not at all use to being stabbed there.  The lovehandle spots use to hurt like hell at first too, but those spots adjusted somehow.

The anxiety of trying a new spot is very real. I have to psych myself up every time only because of previous attempts going badly.  So what I have been doing is squeezing the area up kind of hard to feel the pain of squeezing vs. the pain of a needle going into my skin. I have tough skin so I have to push rather hard to get my comfort short angled set into my body fat.

The joys of type 1 Diabetes....they just never stop giving! 

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