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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Painful insulin pump infusion sets

Just a random thought. When I have a painful insulin pump infusion set site it has this way of putting me in a really bad mood. Is it because its a constant physical pain of being Diabetic? I mean being Diabetic doesnt really "hurt" per say most of the time. It can and does make you feel like crap sometimes but I guess having this stupid plastic cannula in my body all the time does leave a pretty good chance of it hurting sometimes. Today my infusion site is killing me, like a stabbing burning pain in my side/hip area I have it in. Its been hurting since I put it in the other day but yet due to the extreme cost of pumping I am torturing myself with this pain and changing it out is kind of like letting Diabetes win. So I think I will give in today and change it when I go let my dogs out. I hear so many other pumpers say they never have infusion set pain and I guess they are more "lucky" than I am in that area. I just dont understand how their infusion sets never hurt?  Do any of you out there have painful sets at times? Anyone else just leave it in and deal with the pain because you dont want to give in? Maybe Im just crazy.

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