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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Changing profiles on my t:slim and the reason it sucks.

I LOVE the fact that you can change profiles so easily on the t:slim and copy one, rename it and tweak it.

If ONLY my brain would remember that after I change a profile to CHANGE IT BACK!  Oye vey I changed my profile the other day when I was outside chasing my 18 month old child around because I just could not keep my bg up.  So I changed it to my "yard work" profile which is the lowest basal setting possible (0.1) for 24 hours. YEAH that is soooooooooo not enough insulin for normal activity.  My bg just kept creeping up and up and I was like man what is wrong so I just kept correcting.  Im a dingbat, totally forgot I changed profiles. From now on I am just going to run temp basals when doing anything physical or stop insulin all together because at least then it keeps beeping at me.

I am so darn sensitive to activity that my blood sugar just crashes and crashes and crashes I get so ticked off I just want to be able to do normal things that every human being does without going low.  I go outside to take pics of cars for my job I GO LOW, I go outside to play with my child I GO LOW, I go shopping anywhere I GO LOW, I go for a short walk around the block I GO LOW. I can drink juice, eat bread, eat glucose tabs, drink milk, do a temp basal...none of these things keep me from going low.  I can even go shopping with high bg and no active insulin and end up at 50 all the while shoving glucose tablets in my face because my DEXCOM is screaming at me.  Being a sweating mess in the grocery store is freaking awesome.  All of these are much less worse than they would be if I didnt have my DEXCOM.  Dexcom has seriously been a total game changer for me.  I dont feel my lows by myself until I am in the 40-50 range.  40 to me feels like death, I dont know about you.  30 is like holy shit I am going to die in one minute.  I dont know what to do about, how in the world do those of you who are sensitive to insulin keep your bg up when you are moving around a lot.  I mean just vacuuming my house I go low and my house is T-I-N-Y.  It doesnt always happen as fast as what I am describing but inevitably I will go low when I am doing anything.  I have tried lowering basals and then I am high.  I have tried lowering carb ratios and then I go high.

I just want to be more normal, I am tired of chasing lows, so tired that I would rather just be high all the time.  I am just worn out.

Trying to have closer to normal blood sugars creates so many low for me and people look at me like I am crazy because I have so many lows, they think I am so uncontrolled I am having too many lows when its the opposite.  People who are less controlled have less lows because their blood sugar is much higher all the time so they have less chance of going low.

I have more lows because my diabetes is extra freaking crazy sensitive to physical activity.  Maybe yours isn't, maybe your family member or friends' isn't but mine is.  So please, whoever you are, general public, don't assume my Diabetes is out of control because I have a lot of low blood sugars. That is just not the case, for me.   Be more worried about your friend/family member who never checks their blood sugar/count carbs/never goes low because they are the one ignoring their Diabetes.

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