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Monday, August 31, 2015

Land of Lincoln Health insurance and why you should never buy a plan from them....

7 months of fighting to get a claim corrected.   I am getting billed 75 instead of 20 and now the doctors office is charging me interest even though my insurance has called them several times stating that they owe the difference not me.  It's been reprocessed several times and it is still not correct.  Each reprocess takes them over 30 days. 

8 months of fighting to have the only fast acting insulin I can take approved at the preferred copay level because I am allergic to Novolog.   Then they finally denied my claim after calling them for 8 months.  So now I pay 75/month for insulin instead of the lowest tier of 30.00

Every single time I call to inquire on a claim or my benefits I am on hold for over 15 minutes.  That's right 15 minutes.  Insanity.  THEN typically whoever I get on the phone cannot answer my question so they put me on hold again for at least 10-20 minutes to investigate my question.  This is freaking ridiculous! I am currently on hold with them now, which inspired me to write this wonderful statement about Land of Lincoln Health insurance.  Going on 20 minutes on hold now.  WHAT in the world!?

30-60 days to process every single claim, which I guess it typical but when you are coming from Blue Cross Blue Shield and a claim is processed in 7-14 days you get spoiled I suppose.

22 minutes on hold now.  I am losing my sanity here and the on hold music should be a form of torture.

45 minutes, hung up called back and now on hold again for 20 minutes.  This is really really out of control.  Let me leave a message or something.....AHHHHH.

Update: So after being on hold for over an hour I called my insurance broker to get an answer for me.  Then in the mean time I messaged them via their Facebook page and BAM I got an answer and a message that someone would be calling me.  An hour or so later I got a call from one of their agents that has helped me in the past and she said she would be getting my daughters claim from JANUARY reprocessed today.  So I wont hold my breathe but I do hope she gets it fixed. 

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