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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Teicholz disinvited from food policy panel

To all of you who feel the current American food guidelines are a complete joke you have got to read this article and sign the petition!


And this one:

Here is what Dr. Sarah Hallberg has to say on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.SarahHallberg/?fref=nf

"Hi all!
Crazy news in Nutrition Science!
My friend and colleague at The Nutrition Coalition, Nina Teicholz, was just invited and then disinvited to be on a food policy panel. The other panel members threatened to quit if she (the dissenting voice to the dietary guidelines) were involved. This is not science! Dissenting views are part of the backbone of science. Two other members of The Nutrition Coalition from Harvard and Ohio State University were overlooked to replace her and instead they chose someone who works for the potato industry and used to work for the beverage industry. More of the status quo is NOT helping us! Obesity and Diabetes rates are skyrocketing and the answer is to try to silence someone who is calling for a careful review of the science.
Please read this Politico piece!

Please consider signing the petition to have her reinstated! Please share!"

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