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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jazzy Holman has been expelled from the HIVE's program because of her diabetes, please sign the petition!

Rebecca Aguon
"Question: Type 1's or parents of type 1's have you or your child ever been required to wash hands AFTER testing? Have you or your child ever accidentally dropped a test strip? Does your child test too much? Does your child insist on testing him or herself and want to be as independent as possible?

These are "behavioral issues" that the Curtis Center is listing as reasons for expulsion of a 23 year old girl with down syndrome from their programs. How would you feel if your child was expelled from school or other extra curricular activities for these reasons and labeled as a behavior problem without even coming to you first to bring your attention to their concerns?

The medical reasoning for their decision is based on the fact that her diabetes is worse because she got a pump this past year and she has been in the hospital for mild DKA this winter. According to them, she is too sick to participate and their center can't accommodate her medical needs.
How would you feel if your child was denied participating in a program with their friends because the people in charge who know nothing about diabetes came to those conclusions?

This is what is happening. It's not right. Please sign and share this petition as a show of solidarity that no one has the right to make medical conclusions about our child's health except our medical doctors and us as parents."

Please go here to sign and read about her story:


Reinstate Jazzy Holman to the HIVES program

"Jazzy Holman has been expelled from the HIVE's program because of her diabetes.  In fact they have hired an attorney to fight against her being reinstated.  This is a shameful act of discrimination.  All that we have asked is that she be reinstated to the Hives program.  She is heartbroken!  Here is more about the Program HIVES stands for Habilitation, Independence, Vocation, Education, Socialization, Special Needs, specifically created for "people with disabilities" and their brochure states this in detail.  The facts: Jazzy has attended Just for Kids (JFK) HIVE's, JFK athletics and when she was younger JFK Summer school.  JFK is for for kids and adults with disabilities.  She has attended for 10 years, Two weeks ago she was expelled and given 2 days notice before she could no longer attend the program because of her "serious medical issues" She has been T1D for 13 years.  Jazzy has an attorney from Utah Disability Law center (DLC).  Jazzy needs your help, Please contact anyone you know that might like to do a story. Thank you the Holmans."

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  1. This does not seem like an appropriate decision. I woudl hope that the parents contact the ADA who has several civil rights attorneys on standby for events just like this. They are experts and it is a free service.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of April 25, 2016.

    1. Yes. We are using an attorney from the Utah Disability Law Center. Also the Utah chapter of ADA is helping.

    2. Eric,

      Thank you for commenting. If there is anything else I can do to help as a blogger or on Facebook please let me know. I am so sorry your family is going through this. I will post the latest update with that email you have posted tomorrow when I have a computer to use vs my smartphone Im on now.


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