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Thursday, August 3, 2017

So I fell off the face of the earth, but Im back now.

Life has been busy and crazy but in good ways.  I have not had much free time to dedicate to blogging with 2 kids and a husband and a small farm and dogs and cats.

Tonight I am inspired to blog because of these persistant letters that Hines and Associates keeps mailing to me, for their so called "disease management". Yeah, just saying that makes me want to vomit.  These letters are nothing more than more of the fear mongering pamphlets that we get from our doctors offices and hear about from all of our family and friends. This most recent pamphlet is about teeth, gums and eye care. Yeah, GEE AFTER 17 YEARS I had NO IDEA. Come on.  

Anyway I emailed these people back to tell them to stop mailing me this junk. I instead told them how they can really help the Diabetes community by offering us assistance in managing our blood sugars, instead of making us FEAR our blood sugars. The PWD community needs help and guidance to better care, better doctors, CDE's and to get people away from general practitioners who are still using old insulins like Humuli, novolin, NPH and ultralente (is that crap still around) it's just a joke.  I can't tell you how many people I've talked to and got them into an endocrinologist or CDE because their general practitioner didn't have a clue how to manage their diabetes or had them checking their blood sugar ONCE A DAY? WHY WHY WHY ONCE, REALLY?  Thats just stuuuuuuupid.

I cant tell you how many people I have convinced to use a Dexcom CGM or to look into an insulin pump. My uncle now wears a pump and dexcom because I explained to him how much better he could live not just survive with t1d. Why the HELL arent doctors trying to help more of us live and not just survive? We DESERVE TO LIVE! We deserve to know about ALL OF THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE NOT JUST SOME OF THEM! 

The Diabetes community needs positive reinforcement, not fear. We need our friends and family to support us not criticize us. We need the bullshit cartoons saying DIABEETUS to stop, its not a joke, neither is any other disease. I dont joke about any diseases, ever. 

We need the medical community to embrace discussing LOW CARB! Diabetes is carb intolerance, you dont feed a peanut allergy patient peanuts but yet tell the person with diabetes to eat all the carbs they want. Its ok because we wont die instantly but it will kill us slowly and the end of our lives, the retirement days, will suck ass. We will be in kidney failure, blind, lose a foot, neuropathy, you name it, Diabetes uncontrolled MESSES UP OUR ENTIRE BODIES!  I did not realize how much of a GAME CHANGER it was to go low carb until I ran across some ppl on Facebook who were kicking diabetes ASS eating low carb!! I FELT ROBBED as no doctor ever said, hey Megan you know if you like just cut out a lot of carbs your diabetes would be like way way easier. Yeah I have bad days, people bring shit into my house loaded with sugar and I lose my battle and eat it. Its hard, carb addiction is HARD but most days I win. Living with t1d is HARD and I HATE IT but what is my other option?!.......

Like really, how is this going to help me or make me feel better about living with a life long chronic incurable disease? 

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  1. Glad you've been living your life and not having to blog! But also glad to read this this morning. I'm a T1D who's writing a support journal for us like my one for teachers and using the Diabetic Warrior phrase (unless there's a copywrite somewhere) because it rings true to me--and I'm usually a pacifist. lol! The fear crap from insurance is one of my beefs, too. Thanks for the honesty and keep rocking it!


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