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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Times when I really wish I didnt have t1d the most.

Family gatherings and good food that I want to eat and usually do eat and then the guilt and stupid stubborn ass high blood sugar that follows.

I enjoy living low carb, but damn it, sometimes I want to feel like a regular person. It never works, I dont know why I give in, but I do.

Today sucked royally and so did last weekend.

Since low carb my body freaks the f*ck out on me when I eat carbs. Especially bread and potatoes.

I just wanted some damn potato salad. Then I ate a really really good brownie.

Then the hell broke loose. I took a lot of insulin. Then it did nothing. I came home walked half a mile, still nothing. Holy eff. Changed pump site, took some freaking meds for the headache and tums so I didnt puke. Yep. Smart. Realing f*cking smart. Eat the potatoes and the brownie Megan. Itll be fine. Yeah not so much.

I am so tired of this disease today. Tomorrow is a new day, Ill start over, start fresh, make better choices. 


  1. I agree; family gatherings are tough (even without carb counting ;-) I've been a T1D for 42 years now. I also use a Tandem pump & Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM. A few guidelines I try to follow. You may find some of these helpful.

    1) Try to take your insulin 30 minutes before consuming the carbs. Otherwise you'll be chasing highs.

    2) Research/Ask host(s) what's on the menu at the beginning of the event. You can't bolus effectively for the unknown. And it's certainly more challenging to bolus accurately on the fly as you sit down for a meal. If you know you'll eat carbs, but are unsure of what, it's ok to bolus 2 units (20 to 30 min prior). It's better to have something onboard to avoid 250/300+ spikes.

    3) If you know the carbs will be combined with high-fat content, multiply the carb count by .60 (Yes, that's 60%) and add that to your bolus, then deliver over an extended bolus, split (70%,30% over 2 hours). This happens to me with Mexican food and Pizza. So 5 units becomes 8 units split (5u immediately, 3u over 2 hours).

    Your dosing will be different, but I found the strategies useful.

    Hope this helps,

  2. My mom is gone and I loved her macaroni and potato salad. she has been gone now for 31 years. I miss her terribly and as I said I miss that salad. My advice. have some, not a lot, but some. Missing it for good someday is worse.


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