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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why are people such cry babies today?

When and why did society become so thin skinned? Why are people such big cry babies these days?  You cannot say anything to anyone without someone "being offended"! Get over yourselves, don't take everything so personally, unless it is a personal attack, no one is out to attack you or intentionally hurt your feelings at the same time dont make fun of a persons personal battles on purpose, that is not ok or acceptable.
 I have t1d yeah, so I know a lot of scary shit can happen, I do not need reminders.  On a daily basis since becoming a type 1 Diabetic I am subjected to rude comments, stares, stupid meme's (who came up with that dumbass word anyway) about Diabeetus, people telling me their aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa whoever died/lost a leg/foot/eyesight/kidney failure from the EXACT DISEASE I LIVE WITH, because yeah that is socially acceptable to say, in not so many words, oh Im sorry your gonna die JUST LIKE THEM, BUT I'm not allowed to post about eating low carb/working out/losing weight (because oh by the way if you weight less than 130 pounds I guess youre not allowed to dislike anything about your body or want to change it or better yourself), surely DO NOT TALK ABOUT THAT!  You are not allowed to talk about low carb because it pisses other people off that their will power is too crappy to give up the carb addiction, but yeah, thats my fault, so do not talk about that EITHER, BUT ASK ME instead about how BAD TYPE 1 IS and that your grandparent DIED FROM IT?! Yeah, because that doesnt hurt you to say that to me so its ok, but I can't talk to you about low carb/losing weight or how I called you out about about your shitty diabeetus meme or crying about the pregnancy glucose challenge test. I am just so tired of people being big babies, get over it, toughen the hell up. Seriously. The world is an eff'ed up place, if you wanna cry about reading about other people doing/eating/working out better than you, either get the eff off facebook or get off your ass and do better for yourself instead of whining and complaining. Tomorrow is a new day, only you can change you.

**Side note "you" in this post is no one person in particular.  I am just so tired of people crying about stupid pointless shit on the internet. You are alive, you woke up above ground, be thankful, grab your life by the horns and take control and LIVE your life. You only get ONE TRIP, ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT! I cannot tell you how many people I know and love whos trip was cut short and ripped the hell out from under their feet, but that is life, you never know when  your last day is.  

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