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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dexcom and T:slim data together in one place! You guys have got to do this!

I am sure by now a lot of you  have heard you can upload your t:slim and Dexcom to Diasend.com...but maybe some of you havent.  So let me give you the run down.  (You can also upload your blood glucose meter if it is on the list of compatible devices)

Go to https://www.diasend.com/register/

Click the big yellow circle that says click here to register for free and then follow the instructions from there.

I did this finally yesterday and uploaded my Dexcom and t:slim insulin pump.  You can view your pump data and Dexcom data and bolus/basal data all together in a row for one day at a time.  It is FREAKIN AWESOME!

Now my Endo can see all my data at his computer and view it day by day and it makes my life so much easier.  I hope to get back on the wagon and check my data more often now that I can see what the heck is going on.  Matching up Dexcom and pump data together before was like IMPOSSIBLE. I will admit I have gotten incredibly complacent with my Diabetes and its become much harder to manage while caring for my daughter.  I havent yet figured out how to juggle my diabetes and my child together.

Anyway, those of you using a Dexcom, an insulin pump and a blood glucose meter (Medtronic is not compatible, imagine that) can view your data in one place.  The list of compatible devices is here: http://www.diasend.com/us/support/compatible-devices-2

I hope this makes your lives a little bit easier too!

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