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Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday dearest Marjie, my inspiration

Every day I attempt to put life with Diabetes into perspective....there are people with untreatable disease that will die much too young, there are people who never bring their newborn babies home from the hospital, there are people undergoing treatment to try to stay here on Earth and ones who don't win that battle. Today is my 61 one yr old cousin (my cousins wife) birthday, she died 1 year ago before turning 60, she was a magnificent person with adult children and grandchildren who adored her and a husband who loved her so very very much. She is gone, we are here. She had a long battle with Cancer several times and through it all she kept her faith and kept on fighting. She fought until there was no treatment left to heal her. She was an inspiration to me in her ability to never give up. She told me to keep fighting and to stay strong against my long road ahead with Diabetes. I have no idea how but she saw my daily struggles as an inspiration even though her battle to me seemed so much harder to endure. 

Live each day like its your last and enjoy it to the max, tomorrow is not a guarantee. We have a manageable disease, granted some days suck royally at least we know or hope that tomorrow is a new day and we start that day knowing we still have diabetes but it shouldn't kill us and we still get to enjoy life on earth with loved ones.

My cousin isn't here, her life got cut very short, she is missed terribly.

This post is for all you out there who are struggling, having a bad month, week, day, year whatever it may be. We all have times we want to give up and feel like having Diabetes is a death sentence. You can do it, you will do it, and us other people with Diabetes will help you on the way. Ask for help, join a support group online, reach out, we all support each other. Its a hard and lonely battle if you don't have anyone else you can talk to who understands. So stop hesitating and join a group in person or online, I have found the DOC diabetes online community, to be the biggest help in the last few years. Without these people I felt like the only Diabetic in the world.

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