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Monday, January 12, 2015

Diabetes and all the blood tests

I was just talking to one of my favorite phlebotomists (she hardly ever misses and its almost painless) today briefly about a recent experience with a different medical facility and how I had to talk her into using a butterfly needle to draw my blood.

You see I have these tiny little veins and they like to roll around a bit and the one that gets used all the dang time likes to get calluses or something like that and it gets a bit tough.  Luckily it has since healed and it doesnt "pop" so hard when they poke it anymore.

When I was pregnant that vein was really abused because of the high level of monitoring you have to have as a pregnant type 1 Diabetic and they used the same one because it seems to be the only one that wants to cooperate.

Anyway I was talking to her about how I had to convince this phlebotomist to use the correct needle.  It seemed a bit crazy to me that she didnt believe me.  I said that if they didnt get the right one out she wasnt going to draw my blood after I asked very politely.  Those giant freaking needles they use for some people typically miss my vein and just thinking about them digging around in my arm trying to nail it makes me want to hurl.

 After 14 years of type 1, almost, I think I might know which one works out the best for me and for the person drawing my blood.   I actually have no issues with getting my blood drawn, just when they miss and start fishing around.  I get super nauseated and feel like I could pass out.  Well I dont have no issues, I despise I.V.'s holy hell do those suck.

Do any of you have this issue or have to convince phlebotomists on the size of the needle they need to use on your arm? 

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  1. I hate it too when I have to get blood taken and I tell them to use butterfly needles and they don't want to...or they think they are going to get a spot and I tell them they aren't going to because the vein will roll and they decide they want to try anyways and they end up not getting it...One time I had them try 5 different times and I had bruises up and down my arms. I do usually get it done at CGH...one time I tried to get it done at the health dept. and the girl said she "was afraid of hurting me" so I never went back there to get bloodwork done. I just wish they would trust us to know our bodies more than they think we do.


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