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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Too darn tired

Yesterday was my third day on my infusion set.  I knew I needed to change it but sometimes I am lazy or just dont feel like changing it on time.  I thought I could still squeeze another day or until morning to change it out.  Well I shouldnt have let it go.

My Dexcom alarmed all night and I was high most of the night and I just ignored it because I was just too tired and of course that was because I was high.  I took several corrections in the night but it never really brought me down.  I was too lazy to get up and think about the situation.  I should have taken a correction with a syringe and got up and changed my set.

So today I have a high blood sugar hangover from not sleeping well because I was hot all night and because my Dexcom alarmed every 60 minutes like I have it set to, so I don't do something stupid like I did last night and ignore a high blood sugar. 

I changed out my t:slim insulin pump reservoir (which takes quite a while with this pump) and proceeded to rip off my old infusion set and it was totally clogged up with blood and puss I am assuming.  Awesome.  I instantly took a correction with a syringe because obviously I was not getting the correct dose of insulin with all that junk clogging the cannula.

Why do I do this, why am I too lazy to change my infusion set out?  I know I am not the only one, I know others who talk about doing the same thing but why?  How do I get the motivation to change it when I am suppose to and not try to squeeze another day out of my site?  I think I avoid changing it because most times it takes me a few stabs to find a spot for my infusion set that doesnt hurt. Im still so afraid of hitting a vein or blood vessel.  I'm still afraid of infusion set pain?  After 7 years of pumping, does that ever go away?


  1. I also am lazy about changing my site. For me I am relaxed and doing something so I don't want to stop and do a change out. For me I am afraid of changing my Dexcom sensor. It hurts so much. Hank in there and we will get through it. Have a good day.

    1. I love my Dexcom but I swear I don't think I could change it out myself. My husband has done it for me from day one, I hesitate too much and over think it so then my anxiety shoots through the roof and I get all sweaty. It's crazy. I feel crazy! ;-) I pinch up my skin and then he just pushes it in, we dont do any countdown or anything because I freak out. My sensors dont hurt for the most part once they are in unless they get into muscle. Those hurt, really really (I actually get light headed and have to sit down) bad and almost always I end up yanking them off. If your insertions hurt too much you might ask your Doctor for an RX for EMLA numbing cream.


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