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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why can't the news ever get anything right about Diabetes stories?

An Artificial Pancreas pump has not been released in Australia like the news reports said.  The Artificial or Bionic Pancreas is currently in patient trials in the US and it is hoped to be FDA approved within the next 8-10 years.  I hear hopes of more like 4 years, but I am trying HARD to not get too excited about that.  An artificial or bionic pancreas would not only detect an impending low but it will also treat the low, treat highs, cover carbs all without the pump wearer having to do anything besides change it out every three days and refill it with insulin and charge/change batteries.  The pump that was released in Australia is explained by Integrated Diabetes Services facebook page.

According to:
Integrated Diabetes Services
  "The Medtronic 640G insulin pump/CGM combination has been launched in Australia. (you'll notice that I don't call it an "artificial pancreas" because it's a damn long way from being an artificial pancreas)
The new system represents an important next step towards a fully-automated closed loop system. Whereas Medtronic's previous 530G system stops basal insulin delivery if the glucose sensor detects a low, the new 640G suspends basal if a low is ANTICIPATED. In other words, prevent/minimize the low rather than deal with a low that has already taken place.

Rumor has it that Medtronic is hoping to bring the device to European markets later this year and the US in 2016. Of course, hoping is one thing. Making it happen is another thing entirely."


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