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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dexcom's payment assistance program

I reordered a Dexcom transmitter last Friday because mine is currently 10 months old and it has been acting kind of wierd lately, going out of range a lot more.  So I wanted to get it approved with my insurance and ordered and all that junk. 

They are now offering a 3 month payment plan for any order over $200.00, which is AWESOME since I complained about it every time I had to reorder.  So I am making three payments of 175, one comes out at time of order and the next two in the the proceeding two months. Obviously it is a lot easier to make three payments instead of scraping up 525.00 in one shot.  With T1D you all know just how hard that is to do.

You have to sign a payment contract and give them your credit card information.

I just called to verify what qualifies for the payment plan and they told me any order over $200.00 qualifies for the 3 month payment plan!  How awesome is that?  So if you order three months of sensors and they cost you lets just say 300.00 you can pay 100.00 each month for three months!

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