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Monday, December 7, 2015

I got my Dexcom sensors FINALLY last Friday!

After many phone calls, emails and three weeks of working to get my dang Dexcom sensors approved by my insurance it FINALLY got approved last week and I called the guy at Dexcom that I had been working with and got them ordered, paid for and in my hands last Friday.

HUGE shout out to my awesome sales rep Joe, I am not sure why I didn't call him sooner.  I guess I thought it would have gotten taken care of much easier and sooner.  I had a really bad experience with Dexcom customer service, they really dropped the ball, but I did not give up and I kept annoying the crap out of them until all the paperwork that was needed got taken care of.  

Four years of wearing a Dexcom and this was my first bad experience, so I would say even though I really complained about it, those are pretty good odds.  I had a ton of bad experiences with Medtronic, a few with Edgepark and a few with Tandem Diabetes so I guess one eff up is ok!  =D

Hooray for last minute Dexcom sensor reorders!  HAHA!!  I get my  first Dexcom with Share receiver in a few days when my current one is out of warranty.  Im still not sold on the G5 and being forced to reorder transmitters every 6 months, nor do I have a iPhone.  My last transmitter lasted 14 months.....hmmm reorder them every 14 months or every 6 months......I guess if Diabetes wasn't super freaking costly to live with it wouldn't matter so much.

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  1. I talked with Joe last week when I called to place an order. He was great. I've only been using the CGM since March, but any time I call them, it has been smooth sailing (other than the crazy hold time). I'm glad you finally got your supplies. We shouldn't have to jump through hoops for quality care

    1. Joe is your rep too! That's great! Jumping through hoops really starts to wear a person down, but you just have to do it. The insurance companies are banking on us just giving up because a lot of people do.


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