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Monday, December 21, 2015

Thank you Nightscout! I am now using the xDrip App!


Today I got my Dexcom with Share, my warranty was finally up and I could upgrade!  YAY! 

Two seconds after I entered the date and time and transmitter ID I downloaded the xDrip application onto my Android phone.  http://www.nightscout.info/wiki/welcome/nightscout-with-xdrip-and-dexcom-share-wireless

Im fairly certain that was the easiest thing I have ever set up in my life and now I LOVE IT!

I can look at my cell phone and see my blood sugar with the trend arrow along with a mini version of the graph on my pull down menu on my phone!  This is pretty awesome. The settings are much better as far as alarms, snoozing and getting my high bg alert level lower than the Dexcom 120.  THIS will help me achieve my blood sugar goals of staying around 100 all the time until I get brave and strive for 90.

I am still on the fence as far as upgrading to the G5 next year sometime.  My current transmitter warranty is up in January but I literally just took it off the magnet a few weeks ago.  My hang ups are that you are forced to reorder new transmitters every 6 months vs the G4 that may or may not last longer (my last one worked for 14 months), I hear complaints of the distant it reads your sensor being shorter and there still is no way to use it with an Android device (no FDA approved app or Nightscout app).  So I am hoping my current transmitter will keep working until I can decide what to do.  Hopefully the insurance company we choose for next will won't be run by people who can't answer the phone, pick and choose what they will cover based on Medicare's coverage and make you get prior authorizations for everything over $500.00 (DO NOT buy a health insurance plan from Land of Lincoln). 

Have any of you started using your Android phone to receive your Dexcom data with the Night Scout application?   If you have, please let us know how you like it!

Please leave me your comments, it helps keep me motivated!

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