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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dexcom can you hear me? Over? 10-4?

Ok so my Dexcom rep told me that there will not be a Dexcom rep at my local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in May.

Wait? Come again?

For real Dexcom, you just got pediatric fda approval and no one, I mean no one in my rural area has heard of Dexcom!

Hire ME for the walk!

I could sell the heck out of Dexcom. I cannot live without mine and I hear over and over from parents how wonderful its made their lives and their kids' lives.

I have no college degree but I have worked in car sales for 14 years full time 18 years total and I can walk up to any stranger and strike up a conversation.

I just want to sell this product to the people in my rural area, make their lives so much better! I dont want a full time job, I love my current job. I just want to sell your product and show it to the people here. I want to show it to everyone. I want everyone to know it is an option available to them. Its another tool in the diabetes tool bag and not many people know its just sitting there waiting for them to pick up and use!

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