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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Novolog vs. Humalog

I want to hear from those of you out there on this one, please. 

I am currently using Humalog in my t:slim insulin pump and I do not have any issues with it.  Prior to pumping I was on Novolog because at the time it was my insurance company's preferred brand.  Now the insurance I have doesn't care which one I use. 

Here is my hang up, Novolog gives a discount card good for two years.  http://www.novolog.com/NovoLogSavings/NovoLogSavings.aspx I would pay $25.00 per month if I use it.  I am paying $50.00 per month now.  We are talking about a $300.00 difference.  That is HUGE!

Do you think I should try switching to see what my results end up?  Does anyone use this discount card now and do they let you renew the discount card after two years?

Someone PLEASE chime in!

I am very sensitive to insulin so I wonder if I change, will I have to start at square one adjusting my pump settings?  Or do most of you insulin sensitive people see not much of a difference?  I know there is suppose to be much difference but as you all well know, your diabetes may vary. 

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  1. Hi Megan,

    I am a CDE/RN and work in an Endo Clinic.
    We are forced to change our patient's brand of insulin often due to Insurance requirements, and I can tell you from experience that it really varies from patient to patient. Some insist that Novolog/Humalog/Apidra work better for them, and some see no difference on any brand.
    My advice to you would be to try it. If it works for you - awesome - you are saving a significant amount of money. And if it doesn't work, then ask your Endo to switch you back to Humalog and submit a prior authorization to your insurance so they will cover it.
    ps. I am also T1 x 38 years. I love your blog!


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