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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Tandem Diabetes t:slim pump had a bit of an issue Sunday morning.

My t:slim pump decided that on Sunday morning after my shower with wet hair and trying to run out of the house to do errands that it was going to shut down when I plugged it in.  Totally shut down, like how they ship it to you, totally off.  Black screen, no feedback, no green 1,2,3 circles, nada, nothing, zilch. 

I have heard nightmare stories of people shutting theirs off for whatever reason and the memory being totally wiped clean.  Yeah.  I am one of those idiots who hadnt uploaded their pump lately and tweaked a bunch of settings, AND had none of them written down.  SMART.

Yep and it wouldnt turn back on no matter what I did.  Major FREAK out moment.  I tried plugging it in unplugging it, holding the on button, everything and nothing worked. Then finally it turned back on and said welcome to your new pump whatever screen.  YEAH so I called Tandem at that moment.

Got a SUPER awesome lady on the phone and she helped calm me down after a few choice swear words and me apologizing and she said it was ok, I know youre not swearing at me.  HAHA!  Yeah I was swearing at my pump and my stupidity for not uploading. I forget her name, but she was great.  She talked me through getting the pump to realize it had insulin in it, after I had to of course, prime the mandated 10 units of insulin.  Then THANKFULLY my settings had been preserved in the memory somehow.  I don't know how but they were.  They are written down now.  I have yet to upload, I was waiting for my new pump to arrive before I plugged it in again for fear it would shut down again.

Now I am afraid to plug my pump in.  Yeesh.

I am on a Facebook Tandem tslim goup and it sounds like I am not the only one this has happened to, quite a few people had the same problem.  So I asked everyone who that this happen to reply so I can call Tandem and ask them what is going on. 

My replacement pump was flown to me via American Airlines on Sunday and I got it this morning via  a courier service from O'Hare Airport.  That's crazy, but awesome since I have NO back up system.  Another DUH moment.  I called my Endo to get an RX on file for some long acting insulin and to see what sort of process he wants me to use for my back up.  I really do not want to use Lantus or Levemir.  Both of those insulins hate me and put me on a roller coaster ride from heck. 

I want to give a huge thank you to Tandems awesome customer service for getting me a new pump right away and for getting me off the ceiling with my level of stress when it shut down.  It's hard to explain how important that little piece of metal is to someone who is not a pumper.  It is the key to my life basically, I cannot function without it. 

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