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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Did you know you have the ability to help guide the FDA to require test strip companies to make more accurate strips for us?

FDA has two draft guidance documents about blood glucose meters that are open for comment until May 7 -- and it is encouraging the public to share its thoughts and suggestions. Join us in commenting. We have links to details, sample comments and a how-to guide. 

  •  MAY 7TH, ok that is the deadline.  There are like 277 comments and that is IT!  

  • WHY haven't you commented yet?  I know I have.  

  • Do you want more accurate test strips? Did you know your meter is allowed to be 20% inaccurate?

  • Did you know right now there is no testing of the strips that are being made now?  They can be more than 20% off because no one is making sure they are NOT more than 20% off.  Inaccurate test strips can lead to serious consequences, insulin doses are based off the number that is on your meter's screen. That is serious business, inaccurate insulin dosing can lead to an ER trip or more seriously, death.

    Did you know we can request the FDA to make our test strip and meter MORE accurate?


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for adding you voice to the call for better tools for people with diabetes!

    Commenting is supra easy. We have draft comments that can be cut an pasted into the FDA dockets.

    Feel like you want to know more. FDA had took the time to talk about all things Strip withe the DOC and it is archived online at:

    Please support FDA's effort to be open with the DOC and watch. They do social media metric like everyone else. More clicks the more likely they are to be open to other conversations on other issues with DOC!

    Mike at Diabetes Mine just posted an interesting article on generic strips. I wonder who is accountable: http://www.stripsafely.com/third-part-strips-who-is-accountable/

    Remember to StripSafely!

    Thanks again were are almost over 300 comments!



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