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Monday, October 6, 2014

A new and improved method of taping down my Dexcom

I have been experimenting with ways of keeping my Dexcom on better.  I am still using the smith and nephew opsite flexifix and loving it.  My new method has helped my sensors stay on even better and longer with more accuracy!

1. I cut a piece of smith and nephew opsite flexifix the same exact shape as the built in white tape except a little bit bigger all the way around.   I have yet to make a pattern for this but I will next time and post pictures.

2. I still wipe my skin with an alcohol wipe or two to get any sort of oil or lotion off my skin from bar soap or body wash or whatever product you use as it may leave a residue on your skin.

3. Apply this oval shaped tape to the skin and I personally hold my hand over it to help warm it up and adhere better.  I do not cut a hole in this tape for the sensor wire, I just poke right through it.

4.  Pull white paper off the built in adhesive off the Dexcom sensor applicator and put it over top the oval you just applied to your skin.  Push the plunger and apply your sensor as usual.

5.  Then I use my previous method of taping around the sensor.  You can find that post here: http://typeonediabeticwarrior.blogspot.com/2013/09/how-i-tape-down-my-dexcom-to-get-more.html

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