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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Novolog savings card

I recently took the leap and switched to Novolog from Humalog and am taking advantage of their savings card program.

I did the information online but it didnt work so I ended up calling them and they did everything over the phone with me, gave me all the numbers for the ID and the bins and all that jazz then mailed me the actual card in the mail. 

My co-pay for Humalog and Novolog are $50.00 for every refill.  Humalog/Eli Lilly doesnt offer any programs for people with Health Insurance/people who pay an arm and a leg to have health insurance.  Novolog/Novo Nordisk does offer a discount card and I think its wonderful that they are willing to help their customers out with their copays.  So now I pay $25.00 copay for every refill.  It may only seem like a small amount but when you add up a whole year, I save $300.00 After you pile that on the over $10,000 our family pays for health care every little bit saved helps.

So if you are on the fence about switching and need to save some money I highly recommend this program and their customer service has so far been really great!

Novolog savings card:  http://www.novolog.com/NovoLogSavings/NovoLogSavings.aspx


  1. Apidra has a no copay savings card, I believe that is good until the end of 2015. Apidra is not FDA approved for the T-Slim (because it was never studied in that pump). Some people think it works even faster than Novolog and Humalog. More info:

  2. Cheri yes I know about the Apidra savings card, but thanks for sharing it again! The issue with Apidra congealing in Tslim pumps keeps me from trying it. Also your insurance has to cover it to begin with to get the discount. I had a family member tell me that since their insurance wont cover Apidra at all the discount card doesn't work.

  3. Even though Apidra has no copay savings card, i prefer it. I needed MDI (Multiple Daily Injection), which means 1460 injections a year. Meanwhile, insulin pumps(Apidra) require an infusion set change only about every 3 days, or 122 insertions a year.
    I think that's one of the things I'm most looking forward to about getting a pump......feeling less like a pin cushion!!! If people ask I usually say the injections don't really bother me but if I think about it properly......yes, they do bother me, a lot!!! Only having to stick a needle in myself once every 3 days instead of 4 times a day will be bloody fantastic!!!!!
    BTW good information. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was very hesitant to switch to a pump in 2008 but so glad I did. Injections always hurt and burned and I would get a bruise almost every time. I have much better control on a pump and no more bruises. My pump still hurts from time to time but the benefits outweigh going back to shots for me. Good luck with your new pump, I hope it works well for you!


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