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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Dexcom for my dog, that would be sweet!

My good old boy Levi is the smartest dang dog I swear.  He is 12 right, 12 for Boxer that is really old, well for any dog really, it's old.  I take pride in the fact that I have gotten my dog into his ripe old age by spending a fortune on him and buying expensive high grade dog food.  I hate that my dog has Diabetes and that it has to be maintained so different than the human form of the disease.

  • It sucks, their blood sugars are not managed like our are, he takes Novolin N which is a whole other battle itself.  I have to totally rethink Insulin when I give him this junk.  I have no idea how real people manage their diabetes with Novolin N and dont eat the same amount of dog food twice a day with no snacking in between.  Really, I  have no idea how any of you out there manage your Diabetes with this stuff.  Jeesh.  

So this dog is so smart that he knows the difference between my insulin bag with my supplies in it vs. his bag, zipper case whatever you wanna call it.  It just amazes me, he is 12.  In human years that is 84, most 84 year old humans wouldnt adapt as fast as he has.  So when this dog is low he will follow me around like I mean with his nose 1 foot away from my leg, non stop, he will wear himself out following me because with a 7 month old baby screaming at me I forget sometimes why this dog is being so annoying!

So Saturday evening Levi is following me everywhere and I am so busy cleaning and doing my normal hyper moving around doing stuff self that I lose my brain I guess and forget why.  Jeesh I am a ding bat sometimes.  So I finally realize, CRAP, he needs his blood sugar checked.  Luckily he was only down to 80 this time and not in the 30-40 range that really scares me.  Dog's blood sugars dont come up as fast as humans because their digestion is much slower, so it is incredibly scary and stressful when he is at 30 for a half hour or more.  Then again last night he was too low to go to bed so I gave him some crackers with karo syrup on them and waited an hour, he was STILL too low so I gave him some more.  Man having a Diabetic dog is really scary, I can only imagine that having a Diabetic child is 100000% scarier.  

  • At least with humans you can get a Dexcom for them, if I could get a Dexcom for Levi, you bet your butt I would have a Dexcom on him. Hmmm maybe I should call Dexcom and ask them if they'd let me experiment on him for a Dexcom.  Yeah that's a pipe dream.  Gosh if he had a Dexcom I could do such a better job with his Diabetes, its been such a battle with the highs and crazy lows.  

I can see how people without Diabetes themselves just give up, and thats a horrible thing to say and I love my dog to death and I will fight tooth and nail to get him what he needs, but I can see how it can happen.  Right now I am fighting hard to get some weight back on him and I buying him human cottage cheese for the extra fat and low carbs to help him and its been hard and it weighs on my heart very heavily.  I do think that all things happen for a reason and if Levi had been in someone else's home there is no way they would have done as good of a job as I am doing with his health.  I mean I check my dog's blood sugar, how crazy is that?  Never in my life would I have guessed that my dog would end up Diabetic.  I pray to God he is the only other person in my household to become Diabetic and I thank God every day for each day my dog wakes up.


  1. I contacted Dexcom too,NO LUCK

  2. I contacted Dexcom too,NO LUCK

  3. I'm a type 1. My dog is diabetic, I kinda taught my vet how to do sliding scale. She uses N but in the morning, I check her sugar and give her correction humalog with her N. I just got replacement G4, don't think I have t considered trying on my dog ;)


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