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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I just called UHC again in regards to their preffered DME pump provider policy change

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Ok I just talked to someone at UHC again, a very knowledgeable customer service rep, as the newsletter states (https://www.unitedhealthcareonline.com/ccmcontent/ProviderII/UHC/en-US/Assets/ProviderStaticFiles/ProviderStaticFilesPdf/News/May-Network-Bulletin_PCA-1-001514-04052016_R5.pdf

PAGE 7 "UnitedHealthcare has reached an agreement with Medtronic to become the
preferred, in-network durable medical equipment (DME) provider of insulin pumps for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and Commercial members, effective July 1, 2016. "

I was told the Community Plans are Medicaid plans and the commercial plans are big corp plans, like AT&T or something of that nature.   The rep I talked to talked to her manager and she said they have not been made aware of this change for my policy/plan.

SO we each need to call our plan's hotline and see if it is affected by this change. I found out today that mine is not affected, but they also told me to call again next month to be sure nothing has changed.  PLEASE call UHC and see if your plan is affected or not.

UHC needs to clarify this announcement to the public, as we are all incredibly outraged by this and by this mid term policy change in where we are all stuck with our current insurance policy until enrollment for next year.

We can all speculate till our eyes pop out but until there is clarification from UHC and we all call our plans directly there isn't a way to know if your policy is affected by this or not.  There are literally hundreds of different plans within UHC. 

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