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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UHC blocks us from using Tandem as of July 1st.

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  How can you force those of us using an insulin pump to survive to only be able to use one company? How can you force us to use Medtronic and only Metronic? There are people who have to use one pump vs another and some pumps just dont work for some people. I use a Tandem Diabetes Care Insulin pump and it is what works best for me. How can you say that sorry you are no longer able to use it after it malfunctions or goes out of warranty! What will be next? Force us to give up Dexcom CGM also? Force us to use one type of insulin vs another? I am allergic to Novolog, will you ban Humalog next? Will you ban Dexcom CGM next? Medtronic CGM is horrid just in case you didnt know. Also what about the closed loop trials? MOST of them use Tandem Diabetes Care pumps and Dexcom CGM? How can you BAN something that will change our lives and make us live longer healthier lives? How can you do that to us?

Here is the article I am referring to: 


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